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They're baaaaack!

After a month-long break, TIMELESS finally returns tonight with a tale about Flynn holding Lucy captive and taking her to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The last time we saw our crew, they were grappling with the discovery that Rittenhouse, in its infancy, wasn't a group, but an individual man (whaaat?!), and with the revelation that Flynn may not be the ultimate bad guy as they all thought.

Don't get me wrong, Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt are still fighting against Flynn (unless we learn tonight that Lucy isn't really taken captive, just working with Flynn secretly). They've realized, though, that there's a larger force at play - one that poses threats to them in every timeline.

Join me here tonight at 10 PM ET as I live recap the return of TIMELESS! Start off your new year right: by watching a group of people chase down a different group of people while time traveling through history!

10:05: Edison? Ford? J.P. Morgan? They're all Rittenhouse members? As if Flynn wasn't already sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

10:15: I still maintain that Rufus's commentary is one of the best things about this show.

10:24: Rufus and Wyatt are trapped in an air-tight room in a hotel with no food, no water, and a limited air supply at the Chicago World's Fair while Lucy is forced to work with Flynn.

Things are going well!

10:34: Watching Houdini trying to wrap his mind around 21st century weaponry is actually pretty entertaining.

10:44: So Wyatt and Rufus were trapped behind a bookcase this entire time?

Also, Lucy, come on, you time travel. I think you can figure out a way to get over your fear of tight spaces.

10:46: H.H. Holmes - or should I say George - is one twisted dude.

10:50: I'm not entirely sure what all of this H.H. Holmes stuff has to do with Rittenhouse or with Flynn or with anything going back on in the present, but at least it's entertaining.

10:55: Lucy's taken on a ton of roles this episode: captive, magician, psychic...

10:57: Wow, Rufus, coming on strong with the recorded threats to Rittenhouse there, aren't you? Don't you think that's a bit dangerous?

10:59: Flynn actually followed through on a promise! He's told Wyatt about Wes Gilliam: the man who killed Wyatt's wife. The big question now is, what is Wyatt going to do about it? He can't go back in his own timeline, so how is he going to stop Wes?

All in all, this was another pretty run of the mill episode of TIMELESS. The usual frustrations are still there (why aren't we focusing on more of the bigger picture Rittenhouse stuff?!), but at least the time travel romps are still entertaining enough. I just wish we'd get to see more about why these time travel romps are even necessary in the first place. Remember, the initial goals were to stop Rittenhouse and Flynn, and to somehow restore the old timeline in which Lucy actually had a sister. We've strayed quite a bit from those initial goals, but I hope we get back to exploring them sooner rather than later.

What did you think of tonight's episode? What are you hoping to see in the last few episodes of TIMELESS? Let us know in the comments below or talk to me on Twitter @CourtHenley!

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