BWW Recap: 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns' on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

On this week's episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, Craig Robinson returns as Doug Judy a.k.a. The Pontiac Bandit! In "The Pontiac Bandit Returns" Peralta and Diaz arrest Judy after an undercover stakeout, but when Rosa finds out that that Judy knows the whereabouts of the "Giggle Pig" drug leader, Captain Holt offers him a plea deal to help track down the drug kingpin. For the full recap keep reading, but beware of SPOILERS!

Jake is undercover as Santa trying to catch a perp. The Pontiac Bandit a.k.a. Doug Judy shows up and Jake pursues him into a Christmas Tree patch and catches him.

Holt tells the precinct he does not want gifts this Christmas, as usual. Jake comes in and tells everyone he finally caught The Pontiac Bandit. Judy is willing to cut a deal, giving them intel on gigglepig in exchange for being let go, which Holt and Rosa are interested in. Boyle and Gina are freaked out that their are getting serious. Amy tells Terry she found a loophole to give Captain a gift, and is making him a scrapbook of his professional highlights.

Judy tells Rosa, Holt, and Jake that he can give them Tito Ruiz, the top gigglepig guy. Judy also tries to woo Rosa. Holt tells Judy the D.A. will give him a reduced sentence if they can arrest Ruiz. Judy agrees, and asks for a 4-star hotel, and candy to enjoy his last few days before jail. He also wants Rosa to be nice to him, which she agrees with.

Rosa and Jake brings Judy to his hotel room. Jake is extra paranoid that Judy will somehow get away again. Judy gets Jake to live a little which ends up with the two of them jumping on the bed wearing robes. Boyle and Gina sneak a peak at the gift Boyle's dad got Gina's mom, and it is a scale. Gina points out that her mom will hate it, and they plan a gift exchange dinner for tonight in hopes that the gift will break up their parents. Back at the hotel, room service comes, and Jake is still paranoid Judy will betray him. Rosa tells Judy to text Ruiz. Tito replies that he wants to meet up, and they go to catch him in the act.

In making a "Where Are They Now Section" for Holt's scrapbook, Amy realizes that one of the guys he put away, The Brooklyn Broiler, may not have set 3 of the fires he was charged for. Tito meets up with them, and he makes Judy prove how good he really is and to steal a car.

Judy helps Jake break into a car to prove to Tito they are legit. They successfully do it and impress Tito. At the restaurant, Gina prompts everyone to open their presents. Gina's mom opens the gift, and she actually loves the gift. She proceeds to tell Gina and Boyle that the two of them are moving in together. This prompts Gina to walk away chugging a bottle of wine. Back at the precinct, Amy tells Holt that she found a mistake in the Brooklyn Broiler case. Over at Tito's warehouse, the sting gets messed up, and Judy gets away!

Jake catches Judy, but realizes if he stays with him he will lose Tito, so he goes after Tito and catches him instead. Back at the 99, Holt thanks Amy for pointing out his mistake and that he respects her for telling him to his face he makes a mistake. He gives Amy the gift of asking her to help him find who really started those three fires. Gina comes in and is in a good mood because she has a purpose: to break their parents up. At the bar, Jake shows Rosa a video Judy sent Jake of him on the beach, and tells Jake that Judy's associate was the one who drove the car into Tito's place, helping him escape. Rosa promises Jake they will catch Judy, and she thanks him for catching Tito.

The Pontiac Bandit escapes yet again! Poor Jake, he lost Judy for a second time! However, this time he sacrificed his grab in order to help Rosa's task force by catching Tito Ruiz, which was very admirable of him. Hopefully third time is the charm and the next time Jake and Judy meet he'll be able to put him away for good. I especially hope they meet again because I adore Craig Robinson and I think his character of Doug Judy is great. Watching him continuously attempt to flirt with Rosa cracks me up every time.

Amy finally got to give a Christmas present to Holt, but it wasn't what she expected. Her being frank with him and telling him he messed up on part of an old case was the only kind of gift Holt wanted this Christmas, so Amy finally got what she wanted. I look forward to watching Amy and Holt working on finding the three other arsonists from his old case.

So Gina and Boyle's parents are moving in together. Yikes. Gina seems to be reinvigorated by the idea she has a purpose again, however. Her plans to break up their parents will definitely make for some crazy moments in the upcoming episodes, but I do think they should just let their parents be happy, and I hope they end up with that realization as well.

Favorite Moments from Tonight's Episode:

Jake to Judy: "Merry Judy, Mr. Doug Judy Christmas."

Amy: "From Ray to Z"

Doug Judy: "Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, I can't think of your last name."

Jake: "I'll have one lobster thermidor with extra thermidor on the side."

Rosa: "I can not stop smiling, seriously how do people do this with their faces?"

Leave your comments on tonight's episode below, and make sure to come back next week as I live recap another episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

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