VIDEO: BWW Exclusive - First Look at DEEDUB's New Music Video 'Pure Love'

Today BroadwayWorld presents an exclusive first look at Deedub's new music video "Pure Love". Check it out below!

Pure Love is about what remains when you remove all negativity, anger, hatred, and fear. The song is a statement that we are here to embrace the pure love of life. Life is pure love. Being alive is only possible due to an incredible amount of love that exists here. It is something worth dwelling on. Hopefully the song makes listeners feel light and free. I want them to feel the love.

Deedub is a musical artist creating modern works according to the trademark gobbledy gook. With his new album Liberation, Deedub has established himself as an independent force with a supercharged team. The Liberation album is a blend of hip-hop, reggae, and world music. The song topics are fresh and progressive. Take a deep breath...pause, exhale and join us listening to Liberation. This polished studio album comes courtesy of the grind. Deedub has a history of rocking shows in the Western states with singer KLB. As of writing this they have been the opening act for legends like Snoop Dogg (hip-hop) and Eek-A-Mouse (reggae/world).

To summarize Deedub, "We're lucky to get these opportunities to spread the stoke." Throughout Deedub's career he has learned production skills from the likes of Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson) and continues to learn from the best. His label Deedub Records has put in work sufficient to gain a worldwide following and set the local scene a-buzz each year since 2008.

VIDEO: BWW Exclusive - First Look at DEEDUB's New Music Video 'Pure Love'