Steven Van Zandt's Renegade Nation Co. Appoints Marc Brickman as Partner


Renegade Nation, a diverse content creation, management and distribution company, has announced the appointment of Emmy nominated Director, Producer, Designer and Artist, Marc Brickman, as a full partner in Renegade Management, the Artist Management division of the company.

Brickman will join Renegade Nation founder and Musician/Actor/Producer Steven Van Zandt to oversee Renegade Management. Renegade Management is unique in that it is able to utilize all the divisions of Renegade Nation to promote artists across both traditional and digital media platforms, and helps create revenue for artists from all possible sources, including touring, merchandise, record sales, licensing, publishing, and more.

Brickman, also a full creative partner in Renegade Nation's subsidiary company, Renegade Circus, is currently touring Once Upon a Dream Starring The Rascals the theatrical event written by Steven Van Zandt, and Co-Directed and Co-Produced by Van Zandt and Brickman. His diverse background also includes the show designs of artists and brands including: Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis), Blue Man Group, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Barbara Streisand, Black Eyed Peas, Whitney Houston, and many more.

Most recently, Brickman's world-famous light artistry was seen live and broadcast to over 10 million viewers during the 37th Annual Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Brickman was tapped as the "artist in residence" for the iconic Empire State Building, choreographing the newly installed LED lighting to sync to the music and show.

"Marc was one of the first light designers to bring a theatrical sensibility to Rock," says Steven Van Zandt. "I met him when he worked for a local kid named Bruce Springsteen where Marc presented his songs in a much more dramatic fashion than Bruce's unknown status required." Van Zandt continues, "When I came up with the concept of 'Once Upon A Dream Starring the Rascals' I only called one guy. I said 'you ever done something like this before?' He said 'NO ONE has ever done something like this before! I'm in!' He ended up putting the entire Production together for me and has been managing it on the road ever since our Broadway run without any credit. So it's time to make it official."

"I've always considered myself to be a 'rebel artist' and moving from the creative role within Renegade Circus to a more complex, management role has been a transformative experience that some might find surprising," says Marc Brickman. "But what is most vital to my role and to Renegade is to keep Rock and Roll alive through as many diverse channels as possible. Steven's a renegade, I'm a rebel, and with his cause, I look forward to the challenges and rewards of becoming Steven's full time partner."

In addition to Artist's Management (Renegade Management) and Live Production (Renegade Circus), Renegade Nation also includes: Radio Production (Renegade Radio), Television Production (Renegade TV), Music Production (Renegade Productions), Music Distribution (Wicked Cool Records); Film Production (Renegade Films), Music Publishing (Interstellar Popcorn, Cosmic Boogaloo); Music and Radio production (Renegade Studios), and Theater Production (Renegade Theater) which produces "Once Upon A Dream Starring The Rascals."

Award-winning Director, producer, designer, Marc Brickman is an Emmy nominee whose work has been seen by millions worldwide. His legendary visuals for Pink Floyd have become iconic, generating one of the best-selling music DVDs in history. Paul McCartney, Barcelona and Nagano Olympics Ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis), Blue Man Group, David Gilmour, Nine Inch Nails, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Barbara Streisand, Black Eyed Peas, Roger Waters, Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen are among his many show designs. Film projects include Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, A-I, and Sam Ramey's Spiderman, Running Man and Cat in the Hat. Television credits include Let's Make A Deal, Live to Dance and Chris Botti's PBS Specials. Art commissions include a large-scale multi-media and digital installation at the Salzburg Festpiel. Architectural projects include the programmed lighting of the Empire State Building with Philips as well as the 2013 groundbreaking July 4th lighting of the iconic building for the Macy's Fireworks Spectacular.

A pioneer in the world of live entertainment design and award winning concert film director, Marc made his Broadway debut in 2007 with "Young Frankenstein." His current show for which he is co-director and producer, "Once Upon A Dream Starring the Rascals" completed its sold out Broadway run in early 2013. More information on "Once Upon a Dream Starring the Rascals" can be found at

Renegade Nation was formed in 1999 to oversee Steven Van Zandt's Content creation, Production, Management, and Distribution. The company directly distributes this content through multiple channels including terrestrial (Little Steven's Underground Garage syndicated show) and satellite radio (Underground Garage on Sirius XM), television, live events, retail, and digital. Renegade Nation's live event production unit (Renegade Circus) provides full production services for concerts/performances, tours, festivals, and other events.

In addition to Artist's Management (Renegade Management) and Live Production (Renegade Circus), Renegade Nation includes:

Radio Production (Renegade Radio) Little Steven's Underground Garage weekly radio show syndicated to 260 affiliates in over 140 countries, and the first two 24/7 formats of original content for Sirius/XM (Underground Garage and Outlaw Country).

Television Production (Renegade TV) Co-Produces "Lilyhammer" Netflix's first original programming currently in second season post-production, broadcast in 130 territories, and "Underground Garage A Go Go" in development.

Music Production (Renegade Productions) Records, TV, and Film;

Theater Production (Renegade Theater) The Rascals "Once Upon A Dream" currently on tour after 15 sold out shows on Broadway, "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" in development;

Film Production (Renegade Films) - "Born Again Savage" in development;

Music Distribution (Wicked Cool Records), the imprint Van Zandt started in 2006 to further support traditional Rock and Roll. Among the label's releases are the critically acclaimed compilations " The Coolest Songs In The World! Vols. 1-8", "Halloween A Go-Go" and "Christmas A Go-Go" collections.

Music Publishing (Interstellar Popcorn, Cosmic Boogaloo) that has licensed music to clients such as Old Navy, Nike, KFC, and more.

And Renegade Studios (in house recording studio for music and radio production).