Meat Loaf - The Guilty Pleasure Tour DVD to Be Release Oct. 16

Concert One Ltd, the innovative UK-based Production Company has announced it will release Meat Loaf - The Guilty Pleasure Tour DVD, which was captured during the singer's recent sold-out Australian Tour. Featuring a blend of classic Meat Loaf hits and material from his last few albums, The Guilty Pleasure Tour DVD will give fans the definitive bird's eye view of the legendary singer during one of his most memorable performances. Released worldwide on October 16th, 2012, the DVD will include a bonus documentary on Meat Loaf in Australia including a brand new in depth interview with the man himself.

"What was captured on tape at this sell out concert was the true 'live' Meat Loaf experience," says Concert One President, Steve Timmins. "He really does put 110% into his shows and this one captures his HUGE performance, backed by his brilliant band, The Neverland Express."

The Guilty Pleasure Tour DVD presents the most technologically advanced filming of a Meat Loaf concert ever captured.

"The viewer gets to see what he or she would normally never see from being in the audience," says Meat Loaf, who took a proactive involvement during the planning, filming and post-production of the video. "The viewer gets to live in a different world. " The show was shot at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia in 2012.

Born Michael Lee Aday in Texas, Meat Loaf exploded on international music scene in 1977, with the release of Bat Out Of Hell, written by friend and colleague, Jim Steinman. Among the albums to define the arena rock genre, it has sold to date over 43 million copies, making it the fifth highest selling album of all time.

He went on to have several more gold and platinum successes with Dead Ringer (1981), Bad Attitude (1984) and the Bat Out Of Hell sequels. He has also starred in several dozen Hollywood films, including the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Fight Club.

Adds Meat Loaf: "I only know one way. And that is: you either walk out on stage and give 110%, or you don't. Those people that bought those tickets are more important than I am. They are the most important people in the world..."