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Maddie Ross Releases LGBTQ Breakup Kiss-Off 'Ears Bunny'


In the aftermath of the breakup she teamed up with her dream collaborator, DRR, to create “Ears Bunny.”

Maddie Ross Releases LGBTQ Breakup Kiss-Off 'Ears Bunny'

Maddie Ross released the airy pop tune "Vroom Vroom" last month and follows the playful celebration of queer love with a furious and powerful breakup kiss-off in "Ears Bunny." Produced and co-written by Doctor Rosen Rosen (Lily Allen, Meg Myers), Ross taps into previously unexplored confidence on the track in both her lyrics and delivery, laughing off the arrogance of her ex and their new lover before thanking them for the betrayal. ENJOY/SHARE VIA YOUTUBE

In 2019, Maddie Ross released one of the year's most fully-realized concept albums, landing herself at #5 on Billboard's 25 Best Rock Albums. The nostalgic, early aughts-inspired work soundtracked an imaginary teen romantic comedy, with a happy lesbian love story at its center and accolades from Teen Vogue, MTV, NPR, Bust, and more.

Later that year, she received the kind of phone call that divides your life into before and after. Her partner of six years called from a stop on tour, admitting to having feelings for someone else and ending their relationship. Ross had spent the last half-decade writing bubbly, upbeat songs with this partner, accepting her queer identity and finding happiness, trying to fill a niche of ultra-femme, women-loving-women, positive pop that she felt was missing from the queer canon. Now she found herself heartbroken, needing to release a tidal wave of hurt, betrayal, and anger.

In the aftermath of the breakup she teamed up with her dream collaborator, DRR, to create "Ears Bunny", a furious, powerful, playful thank you note to the person who is now sleeping with her ex. You too can join Maddie to vent and talk trash on your own former relationships at where you can submit a story, leave a voice mail message + read and listen to the experiences of others.

With "Ears Bunny," Maddie has made it clear that she is better off without her ex - both in life and in music. "I hope this song makes people feel powerful, feel some catharsis, and maybe enjoy a little revenge with the twist in the final chorus," adds Ross.

Listen here:

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