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Jake Allen Releases New Video 'On The Run'

The multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle guitar artist.

Jake Allen Releases New Video 'On The Run'

The multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle guitar artist, Jake Allen releases new video for his song "On the Run," the second single off his upcoming album "Affirmation Day," out now with his imprint, Jake Allen Music, and distributed by Six Degrees Records. The new album beautifully captures Allen's existential thoughts juxtaposed with his transcendent perspectives encased in a blend of prog-pop, folk and alt-rock sensibilities. It is an impressive album with technical guitar stylings under simple melodies and strikingly deep lyricism.

The new single, "On the Run" debuted with Medium who said, "Jake Allen has it going on! "On The Run" projects a dazzling spider's web of glossy radiance, affecting listeners with tantalizing wisps of vibrant feelings." Following up on the single release, the music video was pulled together by an outstanding cast who created the Tarentinoesque mini-move on a shoe-string budget. Jake Allen comments, "Looking at it now, this short is really a testament to teamwork, community and blind faith. I'm grateful for everybody who donated their time and resources to make it happen."

He continues, "I wanted to make something that acknowledged both the subtle and overt forms of con artistry we witness within the world. From the slight of hand to the blatantly obvious, this Bonnie and Clyde like, trickster duo takes on different faces and preys on their distracted victims. It's a timely narrative to me. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I don't doubt we are under many more spells than we realize. In the video, much like in the real world, the tricksters always end up robbing only themselves in this evil feeds evil feedback loop."

"The project was a bit of a detour away from the normal 'universe' I've built around my music. I let myself break my own rules and got into this concept based in a very realistic world with cars, money, politics; a place I usually don't associate my music with. But it felt right for a song that's about a perpetual identity crisis."

"It was fun getting into the headspace of these corrupt and somewhat comical villains, especially Jerry Allen. He's a very sick man with a childish obsession for money. The extreme characters are an exaggeration of the identity detours within the song."

"On the Run" is off his 4th full length LP, Affirmation Day, and was inspired by Jake Allen's tour and travels throughout Europe, Russia, China and Japan. During his travels, he was invited to perform as a clinician by his main sponsor, Takamine Guitars. At the end of the trip Allen spent over a month alone and in reflection of his journeys at the a Uzupio Art Incubator in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he wrote the album with just an acoustic guitar and his insidious voice. Allen has exquisitely captured his wanderlust laden travel experiences, honing new musical ideas inspired by his constant new surroundings and circumstances.

Affirmation Day is presented in 12 songs and it takes the listener into a textured introspective journey full of light and dark themes. Similar themes are present in all of his releases but for the new album they are more refined and steadied through the lens of travel and experience. Allen recalls, "Affirmation Day is a deep dive into the dichotomy of just morals values vs the conditions that both individuals and the human race as a whole tend to manifest. Under that umbrella, the album explores themes of what may lie behind the vale of life, feelings of isolation in a world that is seemingly more connected than ever, and the desire to develop compassion amongst these conditions." It is a testament to Allen's growth as a person, and as an artist.

The new album is out now every where you stream music or here:

Watch the video here:

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