Damn Glad to Release Album IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING, Jan 2013

Damn Glad to Release Album IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING, Jan 2013

The NYC power trio rock group DAMN GLAD is set to release their 3rd album "It's Always Something" in January 2013 via iTunes and other major online retail outlets.

"Third time is the charm" says singer/guitarist/songwriter Matt Kurzban. "This is DG's best album to date and we had a great time as a band making this record and self producing ourselves along the way".

The title of the album obviously reflects true to DG's philosophy. Stay on your toes because as soon as you get comfortable or feel secure, something comes along to remind you that life will have it's way with you. Hence the the title "It's Always Something". Say this phrase out loud when something goes awry and you will instantly feel better about things. Accepting the notion that life isn't easy makes it easier by not expecting ease. Make sense?

INGREDIENTS: High energy and personality is DG's formula for putting on a show worth mention. The driving guitars, infectious grooves and memorable melodies/harmonies distinguish their sound as a power trio keeping it real. No gimmicks. Just catchy, driving rock with attitude!

DG's new album "It's Always Something" is due out January 2013. Their power and honesty shine through with songs ranging from tough grooving toe tappers, soulful ballads to dark melodic rockers. Stream the entire album now on their website at www.damnglad.com.

Watch their political promo video for "Never Say Never" from the new album. "The video has a great angle on global corruption and corporate greed while maintaining a sense of humor about it. Watch it here.