Author and Musician Mae Edwards Pens STARLETTE & SAINT: A MEMOIR ON DUALISM

Author and Musician Mae Edwards Pens STARLETTE & SAINT: A MEMOIR ON DUALISM

"You just chase what you want

Until it comes your direction

Then you either run and hide

Or you meet it with rejection

And as it slowly turns and walks away

You'll be on to something new

Kind of like the way it was

Between me and you"

- From the book: Starlette & Saint ~ A Memoir on Dualism, Page 20 | Lyric excerpt from "Sandpipers"

Note from the creator, Mae Edwards: All this romantic thinking has gotten us into the mess we're in. When things don't go the way we fantasized, we justify our resentments. Our thoughts torment us. Forgiveness is the liberator. Shifting out focus from what brings us down to what could be better for us is key. We forgive for the sake of our peace and happiness. We owe it to ourselves to be happy in this short life.

Mae Edwards is the creator of Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism. Starlette & Saint is a personal account of her spiritual journey and a study of the egotistical narcissistic self, versus the enlightened spiritual self. The book features lyrics and chord charts from the forthcoming companion CDs. Her commentaries reflect her years-long studies into numerous spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism) as well as thought provoking references to folklore, world history, psychology, U.S. travel destinations and popular film. The book is can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes/Bookstore and the songs are available for download on her website.

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