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AZ Folk-Rock Band Tow'rs Announce New Record

AZ Folk-Rock Band Tow'rs Announce New Record

Today, Tow'rs has released the first single "Water Under The Bridge" from their new album, New Nostalgia, due out Sept 20.

Tow'rs is a folk-rock band from Flagstaff, Arizona who pride themselves in telling stories through music. To learn more - you must listen.

A Note on the Record From Tow'rs:

The name of the record is New Nostalgia. Naming a record may be one of the hardest parts of the process for us. We went back and forth between a bunch of different titles, but ultimately felt that New Nostalgia best represented the record. In the process of choosing a name, we started by writing the songs that were on our hearts, in our heads, or needed to be said. Once they were compiled we were able to discover the themes they contain and story the lyrics tell collectively.

Watch the latest here:

Memory, perspective, and how to move forward were the major themes on this one. Since the release of our third album, the last two years have brought a lot of change. Some of those changes felt welcome; like the sweet addition of our daughter, Rowen Bliss, and the wonder and excitement of growing individually and as a family. Some changes were more unexpected and at times felt de-centering; like the recognition of internal bitterness and the search to choose healing, the weight of a divisive political climate, and the beauty found in new approaches to spirituality after being criticized for that pursuit.

In all of that, one thing is constant, forward motion. It's both a gift and at times seems utterly cruel. Even on the days we need a break the train keeps moving. The idea of New Nostalgia is a way to wrap our arms around the entirety of it all. This record is about wholeness, a hug of the past self, a forgiving and embracing of our journey and those that accompany us in it. The songs are a reframing and rebuilding of faith, love, relationships, politics & self worth. They are the burying of bitterness in the ground and watching a garden come from that death. May we, together, re-experience our past selves, choose love, and never close ourselves off to change.

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