The Dance Complex Stages EITHER SIDE OF NEW, Now thru 11/10

The Dance Complex Stages EITHER SIDE OF NEW, Now thru 11/10

The Dance Complex presents EITHER SIDE OF NEW featuring new works and work-in-progress developed through the dance center's newly evolved mentoring program dubbed "aMaSSiT" - "a Make it/Share it/Show it" Lab. Also presented on the program will be works of the program's lead mentors.

Lead mentors Diane Arvanites and Tommy Neblett, co-directors of Prometheus Dance will show works in progress, a debut to Boston/Cambridge audiences. Brian Fegenbaum , independent choreographer and teacher and Peter DiMuro, Executive Director of The Dance Complex will visit established works anew. All mentors including will participate in pre- and post-show dialogues about the works presented.

Participants in the initial aMaSSiT Lab include Katherine Anderson, Elizabeth Addison, Heather Seabury Brown, Cassandre Charles, Chrislene De Jean, Thasia Giles, Molly Hess, Chien Hwe, Kathleen Nasti, Shari Repasz. Among the participants, explorations shared on Either Side of New will include modern dance, contemporary ballet, new music written for a music/theatre work about addiction and a dance about potatoes. Yes. Potatoes.

aMaSSiT Lab's participants apply for coveted spots in the artistic laboratory, and accumulate skills through the Lab's three prong approach: learn and develop choreographic tools; show works in development gaining skill in translating their own process to other artists and the public; and explore production and design systems that support dance as it makes it way to performance. The spirit of the Lab stresses co-mentoring among artist/participants in an effort to sustain the artists' collaboration beyond the 5 session workshop.

Either Side of New: a concert of new dance works and works in progress is set for The Dance Complex. An informal chat 30 minutes pre- and post-show; tonight and tomorrow, November 8, 9 at 8pm; November 10 at
6pm 2013. All shows take place at The Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139/near Central Sq. Tickets: $20 general admission; $18 for Boston Dance Alliance members. Reserve by calling 617.547.9363 x10 or visit or contact Peter DiMuro at

The Dance Complex was formed over 20 years ago, by a band of local dance artists led by founder Rozann Kraus. The organization, housed in an 1884-era Odd Fellows Hall, is a crossroads of cultures, movement genres and styles. All ages study, create and perform here, with a range of intent from personal fulfillment and health, to those advancing their professional careers. The Dance Complex is funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Cambridge Arts Council and through the patronage of those who study, teach and create within its six studios and Julie Ince Thompson Theatre.