Fleck Dance Theatre Presents EVERYDAY ANTHEMS at TDT, 3/6-9


Fleck Dance Theatre's EVERYDAY ANTHEMS, a new commission by TDT, will run March 6-9, 2013.

In this new dance work, Heidi Strauss explores anthems as a metaphor for overcoming obstacles, for things unrequited, for personal strength and belonging. An impassioned performance that poses questions around power, pride and unity in the face of difference.

Collaborating on the production are also set and costume designer Teresa Przybylski, lighting designer Rebecca Picherack, writer Brendan Gall and composer Thomas Ryder Payne.

Join us for The Process Revealed: Everyday Anthems on Feb 25 (7pm) at the Winchester Street Theatre, to learn more about the show's creation, speak to Heidi Strauss, and get a sneak peek! (FREE!)

Buy tickets to Everyday Anthems now or call 416.973.4000.

Pictured: Members of the company in rehearsal for Everyday Anthems. Photo Credit: Jeremy Mimnagh.