Fevered Sleep Bring MEN & GIRLS DANCE to Tate Britain

Fevered Sleep Bring MEN & GIRLS DANCE to Tate Britain

Fevered Sleep Bring MEN & GIRLS DANCE to Tate BritainLondon-based arts company Fevered Sleep - described by the Guardian as 'boundary-smashing' - bring a new version of their highly acclaimed dance piece, 'Men & Girls Dance' to Tate Britain this summer. This adapted durational version has been specially re-worked for the gallery.

'Men & Girls Dance at Tate Britain' will be performed by six professional male dancers and a cast of nine girls aged between 8 and 11. Interaction between children and adults is part of everyone's experience and daily life, but can be subject to assumptions and stereotypes. This work offers an alternative perspective, a celebration of friendship and positive relationships.

Fevered Sleep's Co-Artistic Director David Harradine: "It's really exciting for us to have been invited to re-imagine 'Men & Girls Dance' at Tate Britain. It opens up a whole new way for us to think about the material and its relationship to the audience. We'll be exploding the structure of the theatre version of the show, and turning it into a whole new piece that people will come across, perhaps unexpectedly, as they move through the spaces of the gallery. We can't wait to see how it works!"

  • Free to all Tate Britain visitors - no need to book
  • The piece will be shown as a series of encounters in the gallery spaces
  • The durational nature of the work means visitors are able to come and go and follow as they wish throughout the afternoon

Fevered Sleep Co-Artistic Director Sam Butler: "Tate Britain is full of historic artworks that show men and children at work, at rest and at play. We will subtly tease out connections between these works and the images, and choreography, in Men & Girls Dance at Tate Britain."

Alex Farquharson, Tate Britain Director said, "We are pleased to present Fevered Sleep's Men & Girls Dance at Tate Britain in the galleries at Tate Britain as part of our summer activities for families. This thought-provoking work has been re-choreographed for the spaces at the gallery and will offer an alternative and celebratory perspective on interaction through dance."

"Tate Britain enjoys a high volume of visitors over the summer; presenting 'Men & Girls Dance at Tate Britain' is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach people who wouldn't normally encounter us," adds Sam Butler.