The ABCs of Money Becomes an Amazon Bestseller

The ABCs of Money Becomes an Amazon Bestseller

The ABCs of Money became an Amazon Bestseller in Investing books over the weekend, with an average 5-star ranking from readers. According to one reader, "The ABCs of Money helps anyone, whether they be a student going crazy with loans, a worried parent who can't make ends meet and has ghastly creditor calls all the time, a high flyer, a self-doubter, a person of no means, or a person of some means or greater means - there is immediately something one can identify with, learn/adapt/implement for every circumstance having to do with M O N E Y."

TD AMERITRADE chairman Joe Moglia, who penned the forward to The ABCs of Money, writes, "College students need the information before they get their first credit card. Young adults need it before they buy their first home. Empty nesters can use the information to downsize to a sustainable lifestyle, before they get into trouble."

According to Natalie Pace, "Protecting your future requires a new game plan. We are in a world of debt, and if you don't know how to protect your home and assets, you're in trouble."

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About Natalie Pace:
Natalie Pace is the author of The ABCs of Money and You Vs. Wall Street. She is a regular guest on national news shows, and has been ranked #1 stock picker, above more than 830 A-list Wall Street experts. As a strong believer in giving back, she has been instrumental in raising tens of millions for public schools, financial literacy, the arts and underserved women and girls worldwide. Follow her on and For more information, please visit