SWEET O'L MAMA Memoir is Released

SWEET O'L MAMA Memoir is Released

SPARTANBURG, S.C., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Like millions of women in America, and beyond, Rayshawn was single-handedly raising three children. Until life's direction took a sudden turn, with the diagnosis of breast cancer, McAuley quickly realized that uncertainty and immense struggle lay ahead. McAuley is now out on a mission to share her story with the world!


Sheer survival takes center stage, within this amazing story of a breast cancer survivor. TILL I GROW involves ways in which the reader, will garner strength in overcoming hurdles by the use of exuberant tenacity.

Till I Grow, describes the uncanny measures Rayshawn took, while holding her life-saving arm around her three children, and using the other in the battle of a lifetime!

Humorous moments are highlighted, in remembrance of years passed, through the eyes of the author. What quickened this woman to continue without wavering? The answer lay, in allowing the process of forgiving past hurts, living, loving, and laughing out loud!

"If I can survive such a life-altering experience, as a single mom with three children, others can breakthrough uncertainties as well," says McAuley. She continues, "Everyone has something to live for, this alone carries the strength that will eventually heal you. I'm grateful for the experiences I went through, coming out the other side more appreciative, more loving and truly aware of life's fragility. I hope to instill these values in others."

With launch hype growing, McAuley has recently announced that she has developed a stage play to act a prequel to her book. "It's called 'Sweet O'l Mama' and tells my story of survival, with mounds of drama, hilarity, and electrifying inspirational hymns! It's more about raising the profile of the disease than about me. As a survivor, I want to do anything I can, to contribute to this great cause. Millions of women around the world are needlessly dying every year. Although it's one of the most visible cancers in society, few will discuss breast cancer with an open dialogue," she adds.

McAuley's work is poised to bring new light to the lives of people everywhere. Till I Grow is now available at: www.tilligrow.com and Outskirtspress.com. ' Sweet O'l Mama ' will begin touring in Charlotte, NC Ovens Auditorium, mid June 2014.

About the Author: As a native New Yorker, Ms. Rayshawn McAuley, has shown in more ways than one, of how anything is possible! She's held her family values in high esteem, and had worked for almost twenty years as a nursing assistant. With the most recent years caring for adults with disabilities. Rayshawn has dabbled in playwriting, poetry, and has bid adieu to the health care field, to expand on a bright future as an up and coming author. She has raised a trio of bright, well-versed youngsters to be a beacon of light in our future world. McAuley and her family currently reside in the USA.


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SWEET O'L MAMA Memoir is Released