SOUL SECRETS Teaches Communication With the Spirit World

Aguanga, Ca.

In 'Soul Secrets', Miki shares how she discovered her skills of communicating with the Spirit World later in life. These emerged in her early 30's. Miki provides lessons and guidance for those who do not believe they can connect with the Spirit World because they were not "born" with it. Through her work as a psychic-medium, Miki teaches people that like her, everyone has the capability within them to raise their vibration to that of the spirits and shows them in a step-by-step manner how to develop these skills. Miki affirms "I believe that we all have the ability within us to awaken our 'sixth sense'. It is only a matter of how much we pay attention to, care for, and are willing to work on that natural gift we have been given."

Miki has created the unique spiritual concept of the TEAM. A group of spirits that surround us throughout our Earthly journey from birth to death. In 'Soul Secrets' Miki teaches:

  • About each member of your Team and their unique purpose in your life.
  • The different signs, and other ways in which they contact you.
  • The necessary spiritual work that will prepare you for communication.
  • The various communication techniques, and how to use them.

Miki's path to the work she does today as a medium and a spiritual teacher is both interesting and unique. She was born in Israel and grew up in a conservative Jewish home. She served as a Sergeant in the Israeli army for three years before moving to the United States and starting a business she owned for eighteen years. It was during her time in the business world that her abilities and interest in spirituality, rather than religion began to emerge. Both of these defining experiences have had an impact on her spiritual journey.

Currently Miki Jacobs is a spiritual teacher for people around the world. In her work as a psychic she connects people to their "Team" in the Spirit World and as a medium she connects people to their departed loved ones and channels messages of love and hope that proof the continuation of the soul beyond death. Her work as a spiritual teacher consists of teaching people how to view their lives from the perspective of their soul and not their mind.

Miki is a presenter nationwide and internationally doing private readings, workshops, lectures, and group readings.
'Soul Secrets - A Spiritual Guidebook for Contacting Your "TEAM" - Spirit Guides, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones' is available at,,, and

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