Retired Teacher, Colin Hannaford, Releases EDUCATING MESSIAHS

Retired Teacher, Colin Hannaford, Releases EDUCATING MESSIAHS


We all know that church and state are separate and talking about religion in classrooms is taboo. But religious views are clearly causing problems in cultures, communities and classrooms in this country and worldwide.

In his new book, "Educating Messiahs," retired mathematics teacher Colin Hannaford describes a pedagogy of classroom conversation that will reduce religious conflict. He also explores religious habits and beliefs and how they are affecting cultures and societies universally.

"If certainty can give way to the habit of honest and open dialogue, then we just might make some progress and arrive at someplace short of madness," Hannaford said. "The habit can start in schools."

Hannaford hopes his book will initiate a discussion to help reduce religious conflict and to allow future generations to experience an open and more peaceful civilization. Engaging with others as if ours is the only rational belief only promotes estrangement.

His many years in teaching mathematics has proven his theory that encouraging students to maintain their imagination and honesty: never to pretend to understand something they don't and to be generous in sharing understanding greatly reduces potential and actual conflict in the classroom. He explores how other science educators might teach in a like manner to reduce potential and actual religious conflict outside schools.

"Educating Messiahs"
By: Colin Hannaford
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9401-0
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Trafford online bookstores.

About the author
Born in Plymouth, England in 1943 during a Luftwaffe bombing raid, Colin Hannaford joined the British Army at the age of 17. He later became a head of mathematics in the first European Union School in Britain. He has published three other books including a Socratic workbook, Teachers' and Parents' Guide and a previous personal memoir entitled "473959", his Army ID.

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