New Negotiation Book Reveals How Executives and Managers Can Build Lifelong Customers With Every Negotiation

SAN DIEGO, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Thousands of negotiation books tell you how to beat your opponent. Finally, "The Only Negotiating Guide You'll Ever Need (Revised and Updated)" will teach executives and managers the critical elements needed for a successful win-win. Peter B. Stark and Jane Flaherty reveal that, as a negotiator, you have an obligation to help your counterparts come out a winner. Why? Because very few negotiations are one-time affairs.

With almost every product or service you sell or purchase, there is an opportunity to build a relationship that will benefit you for years to come. If you are in sales, learning the skills needed to achieve a win-win outcome will benefit you for the rest of your career.

"Although great negotiators drive a hard bargain, most have the reputation of being both fair and trustworthy. When you have these qualities, people are willing to come back and renegotiate again," says Stark.

People consistently go back to contacts where they had a win-win outcome because it builds strong relationships based on trust.

Using their 30 years of experience as business professionals, lead negotiators, consumers, negotiation skills and sales training experts, as well as parents, Peter Stark and Jane Flaherty provide readers with the tools to builds strong relationships, including 121 tactics to use in any high-stakes business deal or in everyday life occurrences.

Whether you're mediating a business merger or debating a curfew with your kids, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to build effective, lifelong relationships in which both counterparts come out winners. In just a few hours you'll learn how to:

  • Handle a shark-like negotiator
  • Use time to your advantage
  • Identify - and control - the three most critical elements
  • Shift power
  • Build trust with your counterpart
  • Deal with the untrustworthy counterpart
  • Break through deadlocks
  • Identify the 121 tactics most utilized and how to counter tactics when used against you
  • Understand the behavioral style of your counterpart and how to predict their next move

We use negotiation skills every day of our lives. If you aren't aware of the skills needed for a win-win outcomes, you may be taken advantage of. When you go to buy your next car, ask for a raise, or set the curfew for your teenager, you'll want to refer to The Only Negotiating Guide You'll Ever Need.

"Without a doubt, the best part of the book is the 101 winning tactics So often, people write about theory without demonstrating how theory works that information is what is truly useful."

- Mark Guglielmo, Vice President, Ballpark Operations, San Diego Padres

"The reflection on real-life situations gives the book a relevancy that is easy to associate with. [Providing] the process to help [readers] better understand themselves and others equips [them] to be better negotiators."

- Garry Ridge, President and CEO, WE-40 Company, Inc.

"Instead of a 'one size fits all' approach, this book acknowledges the reality that situations, and negotiations, differ. In order to negotiate, sell and just navigate everyday life, one needs to have skill in a variety of tactics (101 tactics to be precise!)"

- Marilyn Owsley, Chief Financial Officer, SCPMG, Kaiser Permanente

About the authors

Stark and Flaherty are co-authors of 11 best-selling books including: "The Competent Leader," "Engaged!" and "The Only Negotiating Guide You'll Ever Need (First Edition)." Peter also co-authored the recently released "Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success" with Mary C. Kelly.

As leadership and negotiation experts, they have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, NBC, and USA Today.

Peter B. Starkis the President of Peter Barron Stark Companies, Inc. He travels internationally, delivering keynote speeches as well as negotiation skills and sales training in the art of negotiation and leadership. Peter holds the prestigious designation of Accredited Speaker from Toastmasters International as well as CSP from the National Speakers Association. This unique combination of awards makes him one of the most sought after professional speakers, executive coach and trainer in the areas of negotiation and leadership.

Jane Flaherty is a Senior Consultant and trainer for Peter Barron Stark Companies, Inc. She has over 25 years of experience designing and delivering training programs around the world. She has trained thousands of managers and employees in the areas of leadership, motivation, communication, and negotiation. She specializes in using negotiation skills to resolve conflict, improve communication, and strengthen relationships and teamwork.


Peter B. Stark

SOURCE Peter Baron Stark Companies

New Negotiation Book Reveals How Executives and Managers Can Build Lifelong Customers With Every Negotiation

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