New Book, "Rising from the Ashes" Explores the Psychological Impact of Forgiveness

New Book,

Over 140,000 people were killed when an atomic bomb exploded on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Those who survived faced not only physical injuries but also psychological and social damages, many of them holding grudges against those accountable for the pain they experienced. One survivor decided to rise above and forgive; now, his daughter shares his story.

In 1945, Shinji Mikamo was on the rooftop of his house when the atomic bomb exploeded. He was less than a mile from the site of the explosion and miraculously survived. Shinji and his father both experienced severe burns and wounds and watched as their city crumbled around them. As Shinji went through his life, his unique perspective allowed him to see past the cruelties he was exposed to.

His daughter, Akiko Mikamo, was born and raised in Hiroshima knowing her father's story. In her book, 'Rising from the Ashes', Mikamo explores her father's decision to use forgiveness and empathy and how these traits can positively enhance anyone's life.

"It is my belief that one must start with their own life and the lives of those closest to them, and from there the community and then society as a whole will positively change," Mikamo said.

Her book provides a unique look at a survivor's story and shows the power of forgiveness.

Rising from the Ashes
A True Story of Survival and Forgiveness from Hiroshima
By Dr. Akiko Mikamo
ISBN: 9781483400952
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu online bookstore

About the author:
Dr. Akiko Mikamo was born and raised in Hiroshima and graduated from Hiroshima University. After moving to the United States, she became a licensed clinical psychologist in California, a licensed medical psychologist in Louisiana and a Board Certified Coach. She is the president of San Diego-WISH (Worldwide Initiative to Safeguard Humanity) and president of US-Japan Psychological Services in San Diego. Her book promotes her ideal that love and forgiveness can provide a healthy mental state.