Mary M. Hall-Rayford's in New Book “If Parents Cared Enough' Sheds Light on the Issue of Students Falling Short on Standardized Tests

Media reports, as well as government entities, always infer that the fault of low-student-performance falls on the shoulders of the teachers. What is really the truth? If Parents Cared Enough... by author Mary M. Hall-Rayford delves deeper into this issue to provide understanding to everyone, especially the parents.

This book stresses that teachers have no control over the environment in which a child is raised. They have no control over whether parents read or do not read to their children. They have no control over district policies that do not add up to real school reform. And, they have no control over legislators who care more about politics than educating children. Student performance in schools excel when parents are actively engaged-in creating and maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning, raising children who are respectful and responsible, getting involved in the business of learning in the schools, with the local school board, and in electing officials responsible for legislation regarding education.<

Packed with a substantial amount of information, relevant truths and practical insights, If Parents Cared Enough... promises to give readers a better understanding on the issue that has always been a common subject to many important discussions.

This book will be featured at the New York Library Association Book Exhibit in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. on November 7-10, 2012 and at the 2013 Michigan Reading Association Book Exhibit in Grand Rapids, Mich. on March 9 - 10, 2013.

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