LivoBooks Releases New Children's Book App ZULY PLAYING IN THE BACKYARD

LivoBooks Releases New Children's Book App ZULY PLAYING IN THE BACKYARD

If there is anything children cherish more than their earliest memories, it has to be their childhood friends. Thanks to "Zuly Playing in the Backyard," a humorous, heartwarming new app from LivoBooks, children learn the priceless value of friendship through the magical story of Zuly and her fluffy bunny, Kiko.

Through stunning 3-D animation, Zuly and the funny, furry Kiko transport children to an enchanted place that inspires learning, imagination, and creativity. Through 'Zuly,' children learn vocabulary and pronunciation, develop fine motor skills, increase cognitive abilities and word association, and improve word recognition in conjunction with visual objects.

"By using interactive technologies to combine entertainment with learning, 'Zuly' introduces children to the literary world in a fun and unique way," said LivoBooks marketing manager Thais Cruz, who is also the mother of a two-year-old. "With 'Zuly,' our aim is to aid in early childhood development in a very hands-on way."

Through the app, children and their parents can make Zuly and Kiko jump rope, touch and hear object names, tap and play musical and visual surprises, do interactive puzzles, finger paint, burst bubbles, and drag landscapes and objects.

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing visual graphics and illustrations, "Zuly Playing in the Backyard" offers original audio melodies and sound effects on each page, as well as the option for personalized voice recording. "By giving parents the ability to personally narrate, 'Zuly' can give kids comfort when their parents or grandparents are away at work, or even overseas serving in the military," said Cruz.

"Zuly Playing in the Backyard"-available with word narration in English, Spanish and Portuguese- also offers the option for children to capture their special experiences by being in a photo card with Zuly and Kiko.

"Zuly Playing in the Backyard" is compatible with iPad2 or superior and iOS 5.1 or superior. It is available in the Itunes App Store and is free until November 30, 2012. Beyond November 30, 2012, "Zuly" will retail at $2.99.

Brazil-based LivoBooks is a digital publisher that combines content with technology and innovation, delivering digital apps that provide global consumers with interactive, unique and rewarding experiences.

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