FIERCE BEAUTY Among New Titles from Mandala Publishing

FIERCE BEAUTY Among New Titles from Mandala Publishing

New titles from Mandala Publishing and Earth Aware Editions include Fierce Beauty, Seeds, A Day In The World.

Earth Aware Editions:

Earth Aware Editions is committed to broadening awareness and understanding the unique challenges of our time through powerful and provocative publications. From climate change and conservation to the accelerating loss of diversity in our planet's species and cultures, the continued erosion of our biosphere and ethnosphere cannot be ignored.

Mandala Publishing:

In the traditions of the East, wisdom, truth, and beauty go hand in- hand. This is reflected in the great arts, music, yoga, and philosophy of India. Mandala Publishing strives to bring to its readers authentic and accessible renderings of thousands of years of wisdom and philosophy from this unique culture-timeless treasures that are our inspirations and guides. At Mandala, we believe that the arts, health, ecology, and spirituality of the great Vedic traditions are as relevant today as they were in sacred India thousands of years ago. As a distinguished publisher in the world of Vedic literature, lifestyle, and interests today, Mandala strives to provide accessible and meaningful works for the modern reader.

Founded on the principle that the sustainability of life on Earth depends on the spiritual heal and wisdom of humanity, Earth Aware Editions presents the diverse voices of today's leading environmentalists, photojournalists, cultural commentators, artists, and activists. It is our goal to celebrate global diversity and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

Below are some of the recent titles available from Mandala Publishing and Earth Aware Editions. For more information on each title, or to request review copies or PDFs, please contact: or

A Day in the World
ISBN: 978-1-60887-146-9
Hardcover | $50.00 | 512 Pages
November 2012
Inspiring Global Picture Book, A Day in the World, Is the First Time Capsule of Its Kind

China: An Intimate Look at the Past and Present
A Photographic Journey of the New Long March
By Anthony Paul and Brodie Paul
ISBN: 978-1-60887-150-6
Hardcover | $50.00 | 396 Pages
October 2012
Stunning Photography Book Captures Contemporary China Through Revisiting Legendary Military Route

Christmas with the First Ladies: The White House Decorating Tradition from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama
Coleen Christian Burke
Foreword by Deborah Norville
Hardcover | $29.95 | 160 Pages
October 2012
Decorating Tips, Tasty Recipes, and Iconic Historical Photos Make Christmas with the First Ladies the Perfect Centerpiece for Holiday Gatherings

Fierce Beauty: Preserving the World of Wild Cats
By Bhagavan Antle
Photography By Tim Flach And Barry Bland
Foreword By Robert Duvall
ISBN: 978-1-60109-061-4
Hardcover | $50.00 | 240 Pages
October 2012
Fierce Beauty Celebrates Endangered Wild Cats with Stunning Photography

The Peaceable Forest: India's Tale of Kindness to Animals
By Kosa Ely, Illustrations by Anna Johansson
ISBN: 978-1-60887-115-5
Hardcover | $16.99 | 32 Pages
October 2012
The Peaceable Forest Adapts Treasured Traditional Indian Tale into Inviting Narrative

Seeds: Time Capsules of Life
Rob Kesseler & Wolfgang Stuppy
Preface by Prince Charles HRH The Prince of Wales
ISBN: 978-1-60887-111-7-11-19
Hardcover | $35.00 | 264 Pages
October 2012
Extraordinary Close-up Photographs Reveal and Amazing New Perspective on Seeds, One of the Smallest Units of Life