Dr. Paul R. Fleischmann's 'WONDER' Changes the Way We Look at the World

Dr. Paul R. Fleischmann's 'WONDER' Changes the Way We Look at the World

Amherst, Mass. -- Dr. Paul R. Fleischman's new book may not change the world but it certainly will change the way we all look at the world.

The author tells us how we can view with wonder, the universe, earth, our mind and body, in his new book, Wonder: When and Why the World Appears Radiant (ISBN 978-1-937650-23-0, Small Batch Books, 2013, $18.50, 387 pages, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. facebook.com/wonder.fleischman).

Wonder combines the science, poetry, and spirituality that are contained within the big questions that we all ask about the meaning of life. This thoughtful and provocative book addresses who we are our deep identity within the world by taking a look at the scientific answers explaining how galaxies form in the universe and how cells form in our bodies.

"Wonder is an attempt to take from world literature the most beautiful and the wisest selections about the sense of wonder," explains Dr. Fleischman, "and then to create a scientific explanation of the sense of wonder in biology, physics and chemistry by anchoring it to rigorous thinking while preserving the deep emotional experience."

The book will have special meaning for educated readers who are struggling with atheism, cynicism, or archaic belief systems that seem outmoded to them, or who are struggling to find meanings to life that are realistic, uplifting, and life changing. The quest for wonder directs emotional life beyond intellectual limits while retaining consistency with evidence.

Dr. Fleischman describes Wonder as his legacy book a final statement. "I've lived here now for 68 years and this is the most important thing I want to say to my readers. It is not about one thing but about the biggest thing and the most important thing!"

"Wonder is a state of knowing that can be experienced by anyone," adds Dr. Fleischman, who says, that "We are products of the history of the universe. It took billions of years for people like us to appear on the stage, and our life will be filled with wonder if we stay open to the recognition of the enormously rich and complicated history inside each one of us."

About Paul R. Fleischman: Dr. Fleischman has published many books, and articles in scholarly journals, and his work has been translated into Spanish, German, Farsi, Dutch, Hindi, Hebrew, French and Italian. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Brown, Columbia, and numerous other universities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, United Kingdom, Europe, India, South Africa, and elsewhere. Dr. Fleischman was in the private practice of psychiatry for more than thirty years, and has served as a consultant to universities and mental health facilities. He has been honored by the American Psychiatric Association as a significant contributor to the humanistic and spiritual side of psychiatric and medical issues.

SOURCE Dr. Paul R. Fleischman