Disabled Veteran Designs a Working System to Guide Young Adults to Success!!

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug.2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Byron B. Townsend to release a new book aiming to guide young adults to success, The Ten Most Well-Guarded Secrets About Life. This book is to release October of 2017 nation-wide with preorders available today on Amazon at Amazon.com/Author/ByronTownsend. The Ten Most Well-Guarded Secrets About Life is a guide that walks the reader through how to build a system, one section at a time, that will help them achieve success. Each chapter explains the significance of an area of this great system. In turn, the book teaches the reader the ten well-guarded secrets about life while walking them through, step by step, how to build their customized system tailored to their needs. Ultimately, this book coaches the reader so they can accomplish the goals needed for them to be successful in life.

When Byron was 19, like many others, he was very talented: captain of the track team in high school, Student Senate President, a member of the Army National Guard, first chair cellist, pianist, manager at a large grocery chain, the list goes on. Unfortunately, he was in a terrible car accident shortly after turning 19, losing his right arm and all functionality of his left wrist and fingers he could only pinch his thumb to the side of his index finger. After a long recovery Byron had an amputated right arm and only a weak pinch on his left hand, he was on section 8 housing, receiving food stamps and disability, with six figures worth of debt knocking at his door. Byron didn't let any of this slow him down; he went on to college to earn multiple degrees, the highest being a masters thus far.

Even with his disability Byron was determined to be independent. To do this he had to be very creative in nearly every situation presented to him - like how could he cook a frozen pizza and not burn himself; or how does he put on a belt or socks with a thumb pinching to the side of his index finger? This constant environment of needing to solve unique, and in many situations, complex scenarios made Byron more patient than most, very skilled at troubleshooting, and great at solving difficult issues. He paired this with the knowledge from his master's degree and decided to design a system to help him accomplish his goals in life. Using the system he created, in just 3 years he doubled and nearly tripled his income, was able to pay off more than six figures worth of debt, and now drives a brand new Mercedes Benz and owns his own business.

Byron began sharing his system with loved ones like friends and family and realized quickly that the system worked for pretty much anyone willing to truthfully follow it. He also feels this knowledge should really be taught to everyone before they graduate high school so we're all better prepared for adulthood. So Byron decided to write a book to teach anyone this system, a way to accomplish ones goals and dreams. So for those ready for success, but just don't know how to obtain it, checkout Byron's new book coming October of 2017, The Ten Most Well-Guarded Secrets About Life, A Guide on How to Get You to Where You Want to Be!

Byron B. Townsend | AuthorByronTownsend@gmail.com | (407) 335-1665 | https://www.byrontownsend.com

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