Cynthia Drew's short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals and magazines and her bestselling novels are available in print and Ebook formats. Her latest book, WHERE DO MISSING THINGS GO? (Legacy Book Publishing), is a delightfully illustrated children's story that not only encourages kids to read but, behind the whimsy, has a more meaningful theme with great messages. 

We all lose things... but much to the frustration of parents, kids seem to do it more. In Where Do Missing Things Go? Cynthia has woven tender messages into a whimsical story, filled with cute animal characters, flying socks, and washing machines with faces that make kids laugh and remember its messages. The endearing, upbeat style is beautifully complemented by the colorful illustrations of Bill LaRocque, former cartoonist and illustrator for the Washington Post

While her book begins with finding lost things - socks, keys, glasses, anything missing, it ends with a message that reminds kids that while owning things and keeping track of them makes your life easier and better, nothing is more valuable than friends and family – the things that cannot be bought. It seems only natural that Cynthia's book should be about missing things – since she is an expert at finding things in her work as a practicing Private Investigator.

"Where do missing things go when they just disappear? When possessions go poof? The answers lie here... Glasses and pens, socks, wallets and keys; All are findable and you can do so with ease, when you've read Where Do Missing Things Go?"

The book recently received a Silver award from the Mom's Choice Awards panel, among whose judges are members of PBS's "Reading Rainbow" and the Baby Einstein Project.

Cynthia Drew holds a degree in broadcast journalism and teaches writing at the Reuter Center on University of North Carolina's Asheville Campus. She has co-written a screenplay with her playwright sister that has won awards in several categories. When not working, Cynthia loves to travel, garden and cook, and lives with her photographer husband, Ken, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville.

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