Chrissy Nolan Tells the Story of a Woman Who Succeeded Against All Odds

Chrissy Nolan Tells the Story of a Woman Who Succeeded Against All Odds

Author Chrissy Nolan is Judge Theresa A. Nolan's daughter. For her daughter, Theresa is a person who never gave advice that she is not willing to follow herself. She did accomplish everything that she put her mind into, and the Lord did provide her with an abundant life, both spiritually and materially.

"Your Honor, My Mom" tells the story of a woman who succeeded against all odds. Judge Theresa Nolan lived through the Depression Era and is a devout Catholic. She went back to school after having eleven children. She had only a high school diploma and one year at a business school. Not only did she attend college, but she also worked full time as a legal secretary.

When Theresa was ready to be admitted to law school, she is turned down by the University of Baltimore. But she convinced them to allow her to attend law school. She went on to become the first woman Master of Domestic relations. The theme of women's rights ran throughout Theresa's career. She was a trailblazer for the women's movement. She also became the first woman President of the Bar association. She remained involved with her children and grandchildren, whom she affectionately refers to as her clan.

Readers will laugh and cry reading the story of Judge Theresa A. Nolan in "Your Honor, My Mom." She is a true example of what it means to be a woman living in America. Through all of her hardships in life, she has maintained her strength of character but, more importantly, her strength of convictions. This true story will move and inspire readers to strive to do their best, never to lose sight of their goals and emulate this unique woman who made a difference in her life.

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About the Author
Chrissy Nolan is affectionately known as "number seven" of Judge Nolan's children. Chrissy has felt compelled to share her mother's story of her entire life. She has drawn strength from her mother's example and finished her college education at age fifty. Chrissy is an entrepreneur and a mother of four children and has three grandchildren. Her daughter Colleen McCarthy Shepherd was the first of Judge Nolan's offspring to graduate from law school.

YOUR HONOR, MY MOM * by Chrissy Nolan
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