Cham Beaumont Releases DARKNESS MEETS LIGHT


Cham Beaumont's book, Darkness meets Light, is a dark fantasy thriller about Tate Kidman, heir to an ancient line of dark angels, and The Farm girl who rescues him after being locked in tomb by his power hungry twin brother, Xenos.

Together, Tate and Cynthia embark on a journey to find her father and a high priest and learn, above all else, that even in the hardest times, you must believe in yourself to overcome your challenges.

Beaumont's unique writing combines mythology, fantasy, science-fiction and hand-drawn illustrations to create a compelling start to the Infinite Fantasy series.

The adventure, sex and romance will leave readers hungry for the next book in the series and empowered to push through any situation in their lives, no matter how difficult, with a bright outlook and perseverance.

Cham Beaumont was born in Thailand and immigrated to Canada when she was five years old. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and daughter. She began writing Darkness Meets Light when she was 14 and has now finished the first three novels in the Infinite Fantasy Series. She also enjoys drawing and has created all of the illustrations for her books.

Darkness Meets Light by Cham Beaumont sells for $20.99 (ISBN: 9781452548852) and is available at