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Theater Sofia Brings THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME to Bulgaria 3/19!


Theater Sofia Brings THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME to Bulgaria 3/19!

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME is coming to Theater Sofia in Bulgaria on March 19th, 2019.

Hunchback of Notre Dame as a dramatic poetry and content of human individuality. In the preface to "Contemplation," Victor Hugowrote: "This is a human destiny day after day, but it is that one's life, yes, but also the lives of other people. only his. My life is yours, you experience what I do, our destiny is the same. "

"Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1831) is a novel inspired by the spirit of Romanticism. It has everything you need-faith in good, beauty delight; conflict arising from the duality of this world between good and evil, beauty and ugliness; longing for happiness; admiration for the intensity and intensity of the element of feelings; supremacy of feelings over reason. The age of Romanticism puts feelings over reason, rebels against established patterns of thinking and behavior that creates an irrational world in which it is a manifesto of freedom of the human spirit. In his will from August 31, 1881, Hugo wrote: 1.God exists as absolutely independent creator and ruler the universe.2. Life makes sense when he loves, labors and pacing. 3. The souls immortal. 4. Love is the only inexhaustible source of faith in life. The mission of the poet is to return people's humanity,

The show, you will see and relive with us tonight is life of the spirit, experiencing passion, anguish, pain, mercy and compassion.The time we live in, has reason prevailed irrevocably the feelings ... lilia Abadjieva "Our life is dual-it has a life set dream separating the two sad names life and death; the dream has a world.

Kingdom of strange reality. In his fortunes it contains breaths, tears and sorrow, joyful shades. Overshadows our waking thoughts and eases waking works. Separates our nature, becomes part of ourselves and our time. "What is past? What are the shadows? "Hunchback of Notre Dame" is a garment woven of bright words that never breaks. Winter will warm you, summer will bring coolness to your heart. It will serve you for covering, in which you will be dreaming fairy tales of love, deceit, passion and fall. Such a garment does not get old. Sometimes it just needs to be taken out of the closet and to be dusted off and ventilated the years of naftaline of small problems. We tried not to retell but rethink. Look up, do not forget what we stand on. May the joy of this process be contagious.

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