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Student Blogger: Jana Denning


Student Blog: Theatre Resolutions
January 3, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for being ambitious and then being abandoned soon after. The easiest way to avoid falling off the proverbial wagon is to make healthy, achievable goals that avoid discouraging slip-ups. Here are some of my best tips for creating yours!

Student Blog: Character Archetypes and What They Might Mean for You
November 23, 2021

You’re probably auditioning for roles you do want, but you may want them for a reason that isn’t as lighthearted as “it would be fun”, and not getting those roles could be having a negative effect on you that you don’t even notice. Let's explore different character types, why we might want them, and the potential effect that could have on us.

Student Blog: Staying Involved in Theatre (for Non-Theatre Majors)
October 20, 2021

Almost everyone, including myself, expected me to major in musical theatre. It’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe. Instead, I’m pursuing a degree in Architecture, but I don’t want to miss out on theatre while I’m in college, so I’ve compiled some ideas for how you (and I) can stay involved in the theatre scene no matter what your major is.