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Student Blog: A Mexican in Toronto

Back and better than ever.

Student Blog: A Mexican in Toronto

Hello! I am beyond happy to be writing straight from Toronto to all my readers in this Broadway World.

Going back to my past months where I talked about uncertainty and how I was feeling with all the restrictions, how I embraced it, makes me feel sentimental, especially because today I am writing my last blog from the season.

After a year and a half of being in my hometown at Mexico, I am back in Toronto, where I am taking my Musical Theatre college program. It's been busy days but I couldn't be happier, I've got to experience a thousand of the things in the last 15 days and I feel blessed.

I got to arrive just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and with the COVID measurements is not as easy as before to get in, but I got to see the Screening of The Power of the Dog with Benedict Cumberbatch and wow, it is so nice to get to experience live events again, I got to be in a Q&A where he was answering questions and it was so inspiring to see his passion and commitment to the work. I totally recommend this movie, it is so different and the cinematography is so impeccable. It was so surprising for me to see Benedict in a character completely different than Dr. Strange, his acting range is wonderful.

During this last couple weekends, I got to the children program at Randolph, where I attend to college. I've been there to help and organize everything and it fills me so much to see these children starting their artistic careers with such a joy and simplicity.

I think we are so lucky to have support in every way so we can learn to perfect our artistry and now that I am older, I feel blessed that I can be a guide and have a positive impact on these kids.

I've also had the chance to attend to in-person dance classes which uh, it is challenging but expansive and the best of all is that I feel save in every sense, I am being patient with myself and my body because this is a transition but I am here with me for it.

I want to take with you this next thought... Today, you are alive, it doesn't matter where you are geographically or in your process, you are there, be present and realize that when there is uncertainty and/or new beginnings YOU are the creator of your reality, it's okay if it is a slow process, but make it yours, be present and see that you are -unlimited-.

- Claudia Quintero Franco, a passionate Mexical girl.

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