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Student Blog: Our value and worth are not determined by someone else.


Getting through an audition with your chin up.

Student Blog: Our value and worth are not determined by someone else.

Hello! I am so happy and thankful that you choose to read my words! Today I will write about my experience on auditioning again and some insights that I had.

Now that my College period is almost over, and that this trimester is lighter, I've been looking for more options to gain experience and practice everything what I've learnt. I found this Audition Call here in Mexico, they were looking for singers and dancers for a Musical that I LOVE. The audition would take place in a city that is 3 hours away from where I leave. Also, this was an in-person audition, can you imagine? After a year and a half, in-person auditions!

Doubt came in, and my own fear was convincing myself not to go, but then my brighter side came in and I convinced myself that this was an opportunity to train myself and gain experience and growth.
So I took the leap, and thankfully I got a Callback... a CALLBACK-- for me this was the greatest sign ever! I felt proud of myself because I am a committed and passionate person. When I got to the Callback I thought "okay, they liked me, so I've got this." Even if I was just auditioning for experience, my desire to get in was getting bigger. Not to make a long story, I didn't get the other callback.

You know? I started to whip myself "Maybe you are not that good, or enough, etc."

But today, I am reflecting on this because, this is our job and we must know that if we don't get the part, we must know who we are. Our value and worth are not determined by someone else. Can you imagine? Giving the power to someone else to decide if you are worthy or not.

The truth is, that we don't know what the people behind the table want. Maybe they know strictly what they are looking for and that doesn't makes you less talented, and most important, valuable.

When I was in the room, I gave my 120%, I brought my foundation, presence and passion in and I feel proud of that.

We hear these stories of auditions and rejection, but until you live and experience it, you don't know what it is like.

Of course, it is important to keep training, vocalizing, learning and expanding, but don't let other people decide if you are talented or not. We don't know what they are looking for, but we must know who we are to be strong and enjoy the process and know that what you bring as an artist does not define you as a person.

It is okay to feel sad, but know that you've got to keep trying, and walk with yourself in the process, not being your own enemy and judge. This is our job and journey, let's make it lighter.

-Claudia Quintero, a Mexican and passionate girl.

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