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Student Blog: Tips to Be at Your Best During Rehearsals


Reminders from the bottom of my heart to help you have the best time at this process.

Student Blog: Tips to Be at Your Best During Rehearsals

If I could picture how I am feeling right now, it would be a colorful sphere in my chest with mixed feelings. I can't believe it is almost December. I feel like time has been flying by, but at the same time days have been longer than usual, I've been living to the fullest-- every second of them-- and this is what I want to share with you today. If you've been reading my blogs (which I suggest you to, you'll have a good time), you may know that right now I am in Toronto in rehearsals for my IN PERSON Graduating musical, which happens to be... SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD by Jason Robert Brown. I feel the luckiest to be here living the process and tell this deep and beautiful story through such delightful songs.

Tomorrow I start my fourth and last week of rehearsals before Tech Week, which gets me excited, nervous, thankful and anxious. I have to admit, even if I love my rehearsals, my cast and directors, being in a room for 8 hours every day is such a challenge. I've been reflecting on this a lot and I want to share some tips and thoughts that come from my experience and heart to help you have a smooth rehearsal process whenever you need it.

Being Human doesn't make you less worthy

I have to remember this every day (perfectionist here) and I hope you remember it too. Making mistakes is fine. We are HUMANS, we are always in a learning process and if you make a mistake during rehearsal or even in a show day, is fine, this means you are trying and presenting to the space. Your worth is not defined by how perfect you are. Honestly, when I am in my low days, I feel how my inner light turns down and how I start talking myself in a negative way letting my mistakes define me, but then I pause and remember this, I am always worthy and I am in a constant learning and so are you.

Discipline and taking care of yourself inside and outside the rehearsal room.

In this career, we are our own instrument for work. I try to always keep healthy habits like drinking enough water, sleeping a good number of hours, avoid going to places where there is smoke or big changes of temperature (even in Toronto hehe, always layering as best as I can.) I want to show up every day at my best. Inside the room is so important to be present, not just to give a good impression but the growth is twice bigger when you are committed to your craft.

Preparation beats anxiety

I've talked about this in previous blogs but, the more prepared you are, the less anxiety and more confident you'll feel. (If you happen to feel constant anxiety reach out and ask for help). Personally, when I come to the room with a good foundation and learned my notes, traces and did my character work, I feel solid to face the new and instead of stress, I feel excitement.

You are in this cast for a reason

Uh, this is a big one, comparing yourself to other person in the cast is the worst thing you can do because in fact, you have not the same voice or the exact same qualities as that person... YOU ARE YOU, you are in this cast because your authenticity brings something special to the show. Don't let all this self judgement cover your unique light.

Remember why you are doing this

I think that if you are reading this and you went to that audition room there is minimum a pinch of love of doing what you are doing right? Keep that always in mind, because that makes a huge difference, let's put more heart to this process.

You are not alone in this

You have a company that is in the same boat, if you feel something is wrong reach out to your stage manager, cast or directors. There is minimum one person that will listen to you and help in some way.

Come back home

Some hours may feel longer than others, but remember to BREATHE, you are there with yourself. I try to practice meditation every day to come back to me, there has to be a balance on giving your best to your cast, directors and audience and coming back to you to spend some time with you listening to yourself and creating this safe space that wil be always available to you.

Wow this was long, but from the bottom of my heart I hope this helps you have a rehearsal process full of confidence and joy. Thank you for reading me.

- Claudia Quintero a Mexican and passionate girl.

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