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Student Blog: We All Deserve to Reach Our Goals, Regardless of Where We Are – A Mexican Girl


Our Responsibility to dissolve borders and limitations

Student Blog: We All Deserve to Reach Our Goals, Regardless of Where We Are – A Mexican Girl

Hi!! Happy first week of summer. May every day be filled of warmth, music and light.

I watched In The Heights last week (twice hehe), have you? Such a master piece for me. It came in the perfect moment.

As you may know, I am Mexican and I am privileged to be able to have an audience that listen to my thoughts and that I am able to make my dreams come true, my "sueñitos" beyond geographical borders.

Honestly, it hasn´t been easy, even today I am going through a lot of uncertainty. No place is perfect, but sadly I feel people makes it hard so that is why I feel that by making consciousness we can make a difference, it is our responsibility.

When I watched the movie, (In The Heights) I experienced a lump in throat, but you know? That is why I love musicals, because such hard topics that have an urgency to be heard, makes you wake in every sense with the music, dances and all the performance. I really admire Lin Manuel, the way he puts the truth out in the world to inform, create consciousness and touch hearts is unique and it inspires me to raise my voice and create awareness in my authentic way.

I am Latina, I've had the luck to find people that support me, but honestly the opportunities we have are way inferior.

For example, when I was looking for a College to study my passion, Musical Theatre, possibilities were just a few, adding to that the differences of prices, government permits and restrictions make just a 1% make that dream come true.

I understand there has to be order and limits, it just makes me feel overwhelmed about my future and not just mine but for everyone that has the hunger to chase their "sueñitos" beyond limitations.

I've talked to my friends and teachers about this because they didn't know, which is normal because is something that was not in their daily lives, and know that I have reached to them, they can empathize and be open to give me chances to keep growing.

Let's open our eyes, we all deserve to reach our goals, regardless of where we are.

Today I am here raising the voice I have, and you that you are reading this, ask yourself, "What actions can I do in my daily life to dissolve limitations and include more?"

Not just Latinos, but EVERYONE, we don't need to separate in groups and create rules or behaviors of separation. The world needs us today to create community, to support each other to make our dreams come true, our "sueñitos".

-Claudia Quintero, a Mexican and passionate girl.

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