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Student Blog: Sparkly August.


This is why August is my favorite month and some tips : )

Student Blog: Sparkly August.

Hello you all! I am so happy that you are reading my words today, lets chat for a bit about August.

The year has gone fast, right? I have to share that August is my favorite month because... It's my birthday on the 16th!! The other reason I love this month is that I feel this is the warmer month in every sense, I feel that is the break between semesters and one season to another, where the sun lights more. All those musical songs that have to do with summer and fresh days you know, I picture them all on August.

As an International Student, I've been glued on the news to see if I am able to enter to Canada so I can make my final semester in person. I need to be emotionally strong as I see how my friends are all coming back to the city and singing in person and everything. I feel happy that I am able to connect with them through technology, because even I am not there I still feel part of the community.

The good news is that I am fully vaccinated so the possibilities to come back are expanding. I am doing everything what is on my hands and I see how many doors are opening, so I feel satisfied.

This is why I say August is a whole month to recharge listening to your lightly happy-allegro music while you set your vision for a new semester.

Something that helps me find a new and a fresh vision, is to listen to musicals I love and try to find something I have not seen before, also getting inspiration from all the sources I have access to and of course, acknowledging my wins and strengths so I can mix all of this and have a great mood/ inspiration.

As I mentioned, on the 16th is my birthday, I am turning 20 and I am shocked, in the best of the ways. I feel that I am more than I expected to be, mature but I keep connecting with my inner child to spark.

This reminds me that as soon as the month started, I reproduced a playlist of Disney musical songs and I had the best feeling because I could take the lyrics in a different and a deep way, and my body was able to connect with each instrument and my voice was able to sing every note.

I feel that this is what life is about, to unlock levels so you can enjoy what you love in different ways but still sparking.

Thank you for reading me, hope you have your best month so far!

  • Claudia Quintero, a Mexican and passionate girl.

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