Student Blog: It's All About Love

Broadway exists because of it…

Student Blog: It's All About Love

In every Broadway show, movie, song and play, there is one common denominator: L-O-V-E.

February is the perfect month to bring love to the surface and I am beyond grateful and happy to be sharing my words with you one more month.

It may sound very cheesy, but for me *love* is the foundation of everything and at the same time it is what we are looking for in our daily lives. That is why we feel so engaged and connected with our favorite song or show. What I think is marvelous, is that there are endless love stories and each one is worth telling.

Just thinking about my favorite Broadway show, Wicked the main plot is about how an unexpected friendship love emerges and how when there's a click, there IS a click.

The Lion King, one of the most iconic stories out there, is all about honoring family love and accepting new love bonds between friendships and new romances.

What can I say about The Prom? It irradiates love, defying old limits and being proud of your heart.
Also, every plot of every art form has love as it's foundation. I was listening to "Burn" from Hamilton and uh, the inner conflict and pain that Eliza has for being broken hearted is so deep.

Another of my favorite songs, is "She Used to Be Mine" from Waitress. The journey that the song takes that leads into self-discovery and self-love to start setting boundaries is admirable.
I could go on and on with every Broadway Show and if you think about it, every movie, dance number, book, everything has the same essence but with different perspective.

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to talk about love or celebrate, we find it in all what surround us.

Our love for this Broadway/artistic community bring us together.

Also, we are living in a world that is standing proud of love, our experiences and feelings are leading us to talk about it and raise our voice so more love stories can be told. Personally, every time I work on a song or doing a scene study, I perceive how love is the essence and we get to express how we experience it, how we are surfing that stage of love with different circumstances.

Today's matters are about finding justice and letting love be free and let it fill our lives.

As I mentioned, love is not just one kind of romantic love. Love exists everywhere and I invite you to be aware of it and celebrate it.

Thank you for reading me, may your month and your life be filled with love.

  • Claudia Quintero Franco a Mexican and Passionate girl.