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Guest Blog: Daniel Goldman

Guest Blog: Daniel Goldman



Guest Blog: Daniel Goldman On CASA Latin American Theatre Festival
July 31, 2017

In 2001, I went to spend a year at a drama school in Buenos Aires. I went because I 'liked' theatre, because I'd fallen in love with an Argentine writer called Borges, and because I thought that going to drama school in Argentina would be a good way to improve my Spanish. I didn't expect it to be the year that changed my life.

Guest Blog: Director/Adaptor Daniel Goldman on THEBES LAND
November 25, 2016

Three years ago I saw the original Uruguayan production of Thebes Land in Colombia and came out physically shaking with joy at what it was doing as a piece of theatre. It is simultaneously a moving, funny and at times shocking play about patricide and a moving, funny and always surprising play about the act of making theatre. But what is most special about the show is that it blurs the boundaries between fiction and truth. It is, as writer Sergio Blanco describes, a work of auto-fiction.