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Wild Banshee Productions Presents AMONG THE CEDARS

Wild Banshee Productions, LLC presents the world premiere of Among The Cedars: an artist's journey inspired by the life and works of Emily Carr directed by Ryan "Little Eagle" Pierce and written by Maxine Kern.

Based on true life events, the play follows young Emily Carr as she flees home and ventures into the thick forests of British Columbia, landing amongst the Indigenous Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, in hopes of burying a traumatic family secret. It was in this home away from home that Carr developed as an artist.

Among The Cedars is a coming of-age story that explores themes of familial roots and self-discovery, and ultimately poses the question "What is the line between artistic and cultural inspiration and artistic cultural appropriation?"

While mostly unknown outside of her native country, Emily Carr is heralded as a national treasure of Canada for her ability to capture the spirit of the Northwest in her artwork.

This production is an immersive performance, taking place in a two-story loft in the heart of the Meatpacking District, guiding the audience through a theatrical exhibition of Carr's work and the retelling of her story.

Featuring producers Stella Berg and Katherine Elliot, co-founders of Wild Banshee, along with a full cast of professional actors. Wild Banshee worked with Sonny Assu as a Kwakwaka'wakw Cultural Advisor to authentically develop the Indigenous characters and storylines. Among The Cedars has an all-woman production and creative team, and the play is a Qualified Production of Parity Productions.
Learn more about the production and development history at

Performances are Friday to Monday at 7:30pm starting Friday, September 27 through Monday October 21.

Wild Banshee Productions, LLC is a theater company based out of NYC with a focus on development and production of new works, especially those of under-heard voices.

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