VIDEO: Christopher Plummer on Julie Andrews: 'We Should Have Ended Up Together'

On last night's ABC special presentation of THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE SOUND OF MUSIC, stars Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer discussed their affection for each other on and off screen during the filming of the iconic musical. Watch the clip below!

"[We] should have ended up together," the 85-year-old Plummer revealed to Diane Sawyer. "We should have had a huge smashing affair. But there was no time because she had her children with her, which was most inconvenient."

In the special, it was revealed that during production on the film, both Andrews and Plummer were in dissolving marriages."Truthfully, I was not terribly happy at the time. I was quite lonely. Tony was working, and our marriage was a little rocky, my first husband," Andrews told Sawyer.

With his impending separation from his wife, Plummer shares that he went out every night playing piano and drinking in hotels in order to drown his sorrows. Andrews, on location without her husband, celebrated set designer Tony Walton, spent her nights in her hotel room alone with her nearly 2-year-old daughter Emma. "I did have Emma, but I was so busy. I mean, I literally was almost in every shot, just about," she said.

Though she did have a crush on Plummer, Andrews said their relationship never amounted to anything more than friendship."We were never an item, as they say," Andrews said. "But now we are the best of friends. We became the best of friends, and that's lovely ... probably because we weren't an item."

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