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Tune in to YOUTH FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE Virtual Showcase

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Tune in to YOUTH FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE Virtual Showcase

Youth for Justice and Peace A Virtual Showcase of young creatives for racial equality Black Lives Matter began as a call to action in response to state-sanctioned violence and anti-black racism. The organization has been persistent in their efforts since 2013. And after the death of George Floyd, the rest of the world has shifted its focus to the long standing movement. This showcase came into fruition as a direct response to that shift.

They wanted to expand how people though about social justice and their goal was to help in a way that was active, thoughtful and personal. So why a showcase? As a creative, it can be easy to feel like your work isn't helping. We are taught from a young age that if we want to do good in the world, we should take on professions in medicine or government. And in order to enforce any kind of change that you need to be a lawyer or a politician or a Supreme Court justice. In the same vain, we learn that being a performer or artist is primarily self-serving, because it's "all about you." And the amount of work it takes and the power that lies in those lines of work is continuously diminished. However, if we stop to think about what impacts our thinking, our values and the way we understand the world in our day to day, it isn't simply the politicians on Capital Hill, but the actors on television, the singers in recording studios, the writers editing their recent work and the illustrators animating a new children's series. Our culture is heavily impacted by the entertainment we consume. So who better to speak out and be included in conversations regarding change, than creatives?

The showcase will take place on August 1st and August 8th at 7pm EST. To purchase a ticket, they are asking for a donation of $5 to the following organizations: The Black AIDS Institute, Thorn, Grassroot Law Project, The Cameron Boyce Foundation, The Innocence Project, and Common Ground.

After making your donation fill out our RSVP form in their instagram or email them at and you will receive the link to the stream of the event. The collective features: Faith Bentley, Chri Eli Blak, Nat. C, Justin Cales, Javes (JV) Charles, Ella Devito, Chrissy Diaz, Belle Doyle, Hannah Duran, Amado Xavier Lambert, Sabrina Lassegue, Vilma Ledferd, Violet Moncavage, Lorena Maggiore, Sade Morris, Regina Romero, John Sharpe Jr., Valerie Torres-Rosario, Daniel Velez, Karina Verna and Damba Yansane.

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