The Village People Jukebox Musical Aiming for Broadway?

The Village People, the disco group first formed in 1977 which has since gone on to become a pop culture fixture, may be headed to Broadway.

A new musical featuring the songs of the Village People is in the works. The plot, according to Michael Riedel of the New York Post, centers on "two French composers and producers, Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, who created the Village People." 

A reading was held this spring; while there are currently no concrete plans for Broadway, the script is reportedly being reworked around the trademark songs, including Macho Man and In the Navy, in the hopes of revitalizing the project.

The Village People's stage image is unmistakable - Construction Worker, Native American, Cop, Cowboy, Soldier and Biker. The group has sold over 100 million albums since 1977 and at a 2008 concert they set a world record for the largest YMCA dance with more than 40,000 participants.

The group, which is still touring, currently consists of Ray Simpson (Cop and lead singer), Alexander Briley (Soldier), Felipe Rose (Native American), David Hodo (Construction Worker), Jeff Olson (Cowboy) and Eric Anzalone (Biker).





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