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The Diva vs. Don: Patti LuPone's Most Scathing Trump Takedowns

Mama's talking loud and she's reading Trump for filth.

The Diva vs. Don: Patti LuPone's Most Scathing Trump Takedowns

Don't monkey with Broadway....or at the very least do not piss off Patti LuPone.

Throughout her illustrious career the two-time Tony winner has won over audiences with her brassy belt and impeccable acting, but offstage it's her no-holds-barred opinions and suffer-no-fools antics that keep fans hooked on Patti's every move.

Whether she's condemning collaborators, stopping the show to shame shutterbugs, snatching cell phones, or offering unfiltered opinions on everything from Madonna to Meryl, Broadway's First Lady of Shade has proven time and again that she is 100% that b***h, no DNA test necessary.

The past four years have given Patti and new and deserving target - Donald J. Trump. Channeling her uncanny ability to say what we're all thinking exactly HOW we're thinking it, Ms. LuPone has spared no swear when it comes to regular tirades against her orange enemy.

As the election draws near (and hopefully draws the Trump years to a close) let's take a trip down memory lane of Patti's most savage takes on the Commander in Cheeto.

Patti first snapped at the 2017 Tony Awards when the star openly refused to perform should Trump turn up at a performance of her then-gig, War Paint.

Why, you ask? Because she hates the motherf- well, we'll let her finish the rest:

When she first joined Twitter in 2019, theatre fans welcomed Patti with open arms, rejoicing at the prospect of an unleashed Patti with 280 characters to spare. She wasted no time before taking aim at Trump once more:

Patti's Rainbow Tour of reading Trump for absolute filth made a stop at Show People with Paul Wontorek in 2017, where she ranted, "He's a f**king-ass motherf**king asshole. He's a f**king nut and he should be-he's certifiably insane and he has compromised this country, and it is tantamount to treason what he just did. And why are we not doing anything about it? Why is it taking so long? What the f**k is going on in this country?"

In 2020, Patti continued her drag race on a press tour for Ryan Murphy's Hollywood, even going so far as to express the devastating proposition that she might leave the country for good should we wind up with four more years of his administration.

She told Variety, "This country is doomed. I think it is a failed experiment. I don't see us pulling ourselves out of this. I think we're heading into either fascism or a dictatorship. I think Trump will win a second term, and I think I'll move to Ireland."

She then moved on to the Los Angeles Times lamenting, "What's bothering me is that idiot in the White House and his idiot sycophants. It's like this is the most depressed I've ever been in this country, and it's driving me out of the country."

She told The Daily Beast, "He's a conman. He was a conman in the 1980s. He's a shyster and a liar. He's everything you don't want to be in life. He exemplifies everything that is bad in human nature."

Patti put her put-downs into song, joining parody president, Randy Rainbow on a rewrite of the Gypsy tune, "If Momma Was Married" to dream of a world in which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris emerge victorious from this election:

Most recently, she took aim at Trump for his response (or lack thereof) of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the arts.

She warned, "Across the country stages are dark, theaters are empty, and audiences aren't coming back anytime soon. Nearly two-thirds of arts workers in the U.S. have lost their job due to this pandemic and the Trump administration has done absolutely nothing to protect one of our nation's most precious assets and the people who bring it to life. We risk losing them forever."

Alas, while we can bask in the prodigious shade thrown by our most fearless diva, it all means nothing if we don't do our part to make her efforts worthwhile. So take her very sound advice and...

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