The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Visits 'Kevin's Corner' in his Florida Hometown

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Visits 'Kevin's Corner' in his Florida HometownWhen I think of home I think of place where there's wine overflowing...and that's exactly what happened this week when Broadwaysted Bros Bryan and Kevin take an actual trip to "Kevin's Corner" to get Broadwaysted with #ParentsoftheShow Dave and Jennifer Jaeger!

We're pouring out fancy red wine with individualized wine glass charms while Kevin's parents spill about Kevin's childhood, the banana that drove them crazy, and the unfortunate way Kevin used to say "Sleeping Beauty." Game Master Kimberly shows up with some pre-recording rules for brand new games "Who Tweeted It?" and the Telephone-style "Can You Hear The People Sing?" and "Kevin's Corner" proves that Kevin is not actually sure where his family lives.

We had a blast in Florida with the Jaegers--well, that is until #EmbargoedFriendoftheShow Aaron J. Albano hacks the feed to bring his "My So Called Embargoed Life" Report from the Philip Company of the Hamilton tour with fellow cast mates Kristen Hoagland, Stephen Hernandez, and Tyler McKenzie. Even still, it's a great episode, so listen in and enjoy as the Jaegers get Broadwaysted!

Listen to the episode here:

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About the Show: Join the hilarious happy hour antics on Broadwaysted every Tuesday as the Brightest Stars of Broadway have a few drinks, play a few games, and share a lot of laughs with host Bryan Plofsky, co-host Kevin Jaeger, and Game Master Kimberly Schmidt.

The recipe is simple. We take a generous pour of Delightful, Delicious, and Delovely featured show segments like "What Have You Seen This Week," "Stage Door Stories," and "Tuesdays in the Corner with Kevin"--mix in a few original games created by our resident Game Master Kimberly--and top it off with a healthy serving of Bryan's Pun-tastic Ponderings. What you get is a podcast filled to the brim with laughs, insight into the NYC Theatre Scene, and a hangover-free cocktail hour with your favorite stars.

Since May of 2016, Broadwaysted has released over 100 episodes and their growing #FriendsoftheShow guest list includes Broadway Legends, Fan Favorites, Fresh Faces, and a whole lot of Newsies,

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