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Sutton Foster Talks New TV Series YOUNGER, Plus VIOLET Observations

Sutton Foster Talks New TV Series YOUNGER, Plus VIOLET ObservationsTwo-time Tony Award-winning Broadway headliner and crossover star Sutton Foster discusses her role on the new TV Land series YOUNGER as well as her current stage Turn in the new Broadway production of VIOLET as part of a new interview.

Touching upon the plot of YOUNGER, Foster reveals, "It's about an older single mom who can't get a job, so she pretends to be 26 and gets hired."

Addressing the central conceit of the series as it applies to her own life, Foster relates, "The thing is, I mean, I've been working for so long, everyone knows how old I am. And I'm not interested in hiding it, you know? I'm at an interesting part of my career. I just turned 39, but I look young for my age. And I was going into Los Angeles and auditioning for these 'young mom' roles. Producers kept saying, 'You look too young; you look too young.' And I guess that's a good thing, but also, I mean, I'm not 21! So then Younger came along and I thought, 'Yes, I can totally do this!'"

Discussing why she chose VIOLET as her Broadway return, Foster shares, "It's partly because of the show's composer, Jeanine Tesori. She's become family. We did two other shows together and whenever she calls, I come running. But I also really wanted to do this show because it's so much about beauty, self image, insecurity, vanity-all of those things. That's something I feel passionate about as a human being, and it was a role I felt like I could connect to instantly but also a role that's a challenge. You know, most of the roles I'm known for are very glamorous or over-the-top, and she's the antithesis of that."

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