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Student Blog: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Summer Has Come to Pass

Student Blog: Wake Me Up When September Ends Dropping this picture here purely because I just got the chance to download it, so here's a little gift for you.

Anyways, this month has been full of revelations and such for me.

I've been recently having very self-destructive thoughts, and I just realized that a year ago around this time, I put out a blog talking about mental health, so it seems fitting that I at least mention that.

Life really isn't that rough right now. Rather it's pretty good.

Sometimes you can't really help this stuff.

Mental health was and always will be important, so hopefully me mentioning that helps you feel not so alone.

That was just a short little blurb, but I hope it helped someone.

Anyways, life is pretty good overall, and there's not much to report otherwise.

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