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Spike Hill Announces Events and Shows From December 13th- January 25th


Since the Spring of 2007, Spike Hill has been quietly rocking Williamsburg. Located on the corner of Bedford and North 7th, Spike Hill's foundation rests on the nexus of Brooklyn's famous music scene. With its early shows advertised mostly by word-of-mouth, the 140 capacity venue has nurtured new talent from the corners of Brooklyn and beyond, becoming a welcome hotbed for New York's burgeoning concrete-country scene. With delectable pub food, gold-standard Guinness, pristine sound and two full bars, Spike Hill has flourished into a staple among the area's clubs while still maintaining its intimate atmosphere, proudly hosting Brooklyn's fastest-growing Open Mic each Wednesday night. Be a part of Williamsburg's best-kept secret!

Spike Hill Calendar December 13th- January 25th

Monday, December 13th
8:00 PM-The Loft Project
9:00 PM-Danny Sher
10:00 PM-Douglas Bradford's Atlas Obscura
11:00 PM-Ian Rapien's Spectral Awakenings

Tuesday, December 14th
8:00 PM-The Isles
9:00 PM-Backlights
10:00 PM-The Clox

Wednesday, December 15th
9:00 PM-Lawrence & Leigh
10:00 PM-Maz
11:00 PM--JG

Thursday, December 16th
8:00 PM-The Sanctuaries
9:00 PM-Jive Grave
10:00 PM-The Morning Pages
11:00 PM-Johanna and the Dusty Floor

Friday, December 17th -Toys for Tots Holiday Concert
9:00 PM-Soft Reeds
10:00 PM-Milagres
11:00 PM-Holiday All Star Band
12:00 AM-Tournament (DJ set)

Saturday, December 18th -- $6 Cover
8:30 PM-Mad Wow
9:30 PM-Fredericks Brown
10:00 PM-Buru Style
12:00 AM-Kinky Spigot and the Welders

Sunday, December 19th
7:00 PM-Jenni Lark
8:00 PM-Taryn Lounsbury
9:00 PM-The Zack Smith Band
10:00 PM-Tim Pourbaix
NEW 11:00 PM--The Other Half of the Sky

Monday, December 20th -JAZZ NIGHT!
NEW 7:30 PM-Javier Nero Electric Septet
NEW 8:30 PM-Colin Cannon
NEW 9:30 PM-Simon Yu's Exotic Experiment
NEW 12:00 AM-Republique Electrique

Tuesday, December 21st
8:00 PM-D & M
9:00 PM-Long Distance Poison
10:00 PM-Phone Home
11:00 PM-Future Hunter

Wednesday, December 22nd
10:00 PM-MotherMoon
11:00 PM-Lisa Jaegi

Thursday, December 23rd
NEW 7:00 PM-Thin Skin Johnny
NEW 8:00 PM-Dani Elliott
NEW 9:00 PM-The Life and Times of...
NEW 10:00 PM-Kyle Tigges
NEW 11:00 PM-Will Stratton

Sunday, December 26th
10:00 PM-The Zack Smith Band-CANCELLED

Monday, December 27th -JAZZ NIGHT!
NEW 8:30 PM-Miki Hirose
NEW 10:45 PM-Matt Snow It's a Funky Christmas, Charlie Brown"

Tuesday, December 28th
9:00 PM-Bona to Vada

Wednesday, December 29th
NEW 10:00 PM-Lisa Jaeggi
NEW 11:00 PM-Lizzy Loeb

Thursday, December 30th
8:00 PM-Slim Charles
9:00 PM-Black Churches
10:00 PM-Hurrah! A Bolt of Light
11:00 PM-Hannibal Montana
12:00 AM-The Goodnoise

Friday, December 31st -New Year's Eve Party! $10 Cover
NEW 8:00 PM-Phonetag
NEW 9:00 PM-Peephole
NEW 10:00 PM-Warm Chost
NEW 11:00 PM-Class Actress

Saturday, January 1st -New Year's Day Party! $6 Cover
NEW The Bicycle Boys
NEW TIME 9:00 PM-The Courtesy Tier
10:00 PM-The Yes Way
11:00 PM-J.A.C.K.
NEW 12:00 AM-DJ Higher Nebulae

Sunday, January 2nd
NEW 7:00 PM-Whisperado
NEW 8:00 PM-Beast of Beauty
NEW 9:00 PM-2/3 Goat and Friends

Tuesday, January 4th
10:00 PM-Everything Antics

Wednesday, January 5th
9:00 PM-All Night Chemists
10:00 PM-The Tyler Trudeau Attempt
11:00 PM-The Hollows

Thursday, January 6th
8:00 PM-Norman Vladimir
10:00 PM-Mama Bear
11:00 PM-Les Sans Culottes

Friday, January 7th
9:00 PM-Past Planes
10:00 PM-Shake The Baron
11:00 PM-Strange Shapes

Saturday, January 8th
8:00 PM-City and the Sea
9:00 PM-Bel Air
10:00 PM-Peculiar Gentleman
11:00 PM-Low Water CD Release Show!

Sunday, January 9th
6:00 PM-The Third Wheel
7:00 PM-Waywords
8:00 PM-Summertown!/pages/Summertown/118978201476899?v=wall
9:00 PM-Zac Smith Band

Tuesday, January 11th
9:00 PM-Man On Earth

Wednesday, January 12th
9:00 PM-A Brief View of the Hudson
10:00 PM-Raphael McGregor & Friends

Thursday, January 13th
NEW 8:00 PM-Crum
9:00 PM-The Last Royals

Friday, January 14th
NEW 9:00 PM-Hans Blix
NEW 10:00 PM-Fatty Acid

Sunday, January 16th
7:00 PM-Chet Vincent & The Big Bend
8:00 PM-Secondstar
9:00 PM-Lusk & Friends
10:00 PM-Paul Hudson

Tuesday, January 18th
9:00 PM-Mixtape

Wednesday, January 19th
10:00 PM-Hollus
NEW 11:00 PM-At Sea

Tuesday, January 25th
8:00 PM-Dan Maxwell
9:00 PM-The Wet Tropics
10:00 PM-Andrew Kimball

Wednesday, January 26th
NEW 10:00 PM-Greg Smith and the Broken English

Thursday, January 27th
NEW 9:00 PM-Echostream

Saturday, January 29th
NEW 8:00 PM-The Don Scandal
NEW 11:00 PM-The Pawnshop Roses

Spike Hill - 184 and 186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 218-9737-


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