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Sher's Bway-Bound FUNNY GIRL to Play 1/15 - 2/26 at Center Theatre Group in 2012 Before Broadway


According to an AEA casting notice, the Broadway-bound production of FUNNY GIRL will play Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles from January 15 through February 26, 2012.  Opening night is set for February 1, 2012.

Produced by Michael Ritchie, FUNNY GIRL features music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Bob Merrill, and book by Isobel Lennart, from an original story by Isobel LennartBartlett Sher directs. Christopher Gatelli choreographs. Music supervisor is Kim Grigsby.

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on or about 11/28/11 in New York, with NYC auditions held sometime between April 14 - 19, by appointment only.

Centre Theatre Group is now seeking submissions from Actors' Equity Members only for these particular auditions. Deadline for submissions is April 9, 2011.

Fanny Brice:

Caucasian female, mid 20s-mid 30s. Fanny is a giant star of the period (early-mid 1900s) who dominated Vaudeville and radio. We really see her grow up over the course of the musical. Versatile, audacious, ambitions, and immensely creative. She's not considered a "pretty girl" with her skinny legs and an awkward, ordinary look, but her charisma, intelligence optimism, and joyful wit always shone through. Must have an unforgettably thrilling voice and great comic skill, masking deep insecurity and pain, she is a once in a generation talent. Must have a great voice, with a big range; E below middle C - high F. Mezzo with high mix or belt. Must have excellent comedic timing.

Nicky Arnstein:

CaucasIan Male, late 30s - late 40s. Incredibly handsome and elegant leading man, who is also a Jewish gangster with a gambling problem. He uses elegance and sophistication to mask insecurities about his own accomplishments. A liar and an addict, he's a ladies' man who is especially attracted to aggressive and accomplished women, but always nervous when they do too well. Also incredibly attracted to sophisticated objects, constantly imagining himself as more well off than he actually is. A- high E; Baritone

Mrs. Brice:

Caucasian female, 50s - 60s. A strong and resourceful woman of great insight and ambition, who is a formidable business woman and survivor. She ran her own saloon while simultaneously pushing and driving her daughter's career. She had an equal ability to encourage Fanny and tear her to pieces, and it is from Mrs. Brice's toughness that Fanny draws her ability to overcome life's obstacles. Actress must have excellent comic skills as well as a profound heart. Ab below middle C - high Eb; mezzo-soprano

Eddie Ryan:

CaucasIan Male, late 20s - late 30s. Fanny's best friend and voice of reason. They grew up together and share everything. Eddie looks out for Fanny and is also strangely obsessed with her. He is also likely suspicious of Arnstein, but loves Fanny so much he only wants the best for her. Has a very big heart and is, himself, very lonely. Must be an excellent hoofer. Bb - F#(opt. A) - Tenor or high lyric baritone

Florenz Ziegfield Jr.:

CaucasIan Male, mid 40s - 50s. Elegant, tasteful, self-made raconteur with a fantastic sense of showmanship. He has a sharp eye for talent and trend, and lacks the ego or competitiveness that would prevent him from investing in what he believes in. Was famous for spending wildly on his shows and taking risks that did not always pay off. A stylish and graceful kind of high European Jew from the old world. A man of great charisma and power, who is deeply memorable to everyone he meets.

Mrs. Strakosh:

Caucasian female, 50s - 60s. The best friend of Fanny's mom, she was always around as Fanny was growing up. Always anticipating the worst, she subscribes to the belief that the only thing you can truly believe in is failure, or its imminent arrival. Although she wants the best for everyone and cares as much as she can, her children avoid her. She's actually quite charming and humorous in her certainty of oncoming danger. Ab below middle C - high Eb; mezzo-soprano

Tom Keeney:

CaucasIan Male, 40s - 50s. Proprietor of the vaudeville touring company for whom Fanny works before Ziegfeld, he is a big man with a hard-working producer's appetite. Oversized, cigar-smoking character who watches every chorus girl as well as every penny. Tough-minded Irish guy with a big personality and a tendency to make quick judgments and decisions, which usually end up with a negative result.

From the streets of New York's Lower East Side to the bright lights of Broadway, "Funny Girl" is the rags-to-riches, road-to-stardom story of legendary entertainer Fanny Brice. A love story packed with unforgettable songs ("Don't Rain on My Parade," "I'm the Greatest Star," "I Am Woman, You Are Man" and the international hit "People"), irresistible backstage drama and a heartbreaking romance, this classic musical takes theatregoers back to the Golden Age of Ziegfeld and the height of burlesque. Part show-biz spectacular, part timeless love story, "Funny Girl" is pure Broadway legend. "Funny Girl" originally opened on Broadway in 1964 and was the hottest ticket in town, winning eight Tony Award® nominations, and playing over 1300 performances through 1967.


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