STAGE TUBE: Sara Ramirez Sings in GREY'S ANATOMY Musical Opening

The upcoming musical episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' will feature prominent songs from the show's past including "Chasing Cars," "Cosy in the Rocket," and "Breathe (2AM)." In the clip below, Broadway veteran Sara Ramirez sings in the opening scene.

Creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealed to TVGuide that "Ellen Pompeo [Meredith] was very much like, 'Tell me we're not going to sing and dance in the hall. This is crazy!'" recalls creator Shonda Rhimes, who dreamed up the risky concept as a love letter to fans. But after the cast's first script read-through, Rhimes says Ellen "came up to me and said, 'I never say I'm wrong, but I was wrong and I want to sing more!' She's having so much fun with it."

Broadway veterans Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez will of course play key roles in the upcoming episode, but Rhimes told TVGuide that they are not the ony ones who can belt it out. She added "You will be very surprised to discover that some people sing quite well. That's sort of a little gift to the fans, to discover that people who are not necessarily known for singing have pretty great voices. Also, some people won't be singing because it doesn't go with the story."

"It's definitely a Callie-heavy story, but it's a story that we would've told whether there was singing or not. It's always nice to have a Tony winner on deck to do a little singing."

Grey's Anatomy is an American medical drama television series created by Shonda Rhimes. The series premiered as a mid-season replacement on March 27, 2005 on ABC, since then, six seasons have aired, with the seventh currently airing. The series follows the lives of interns, residents and their mentors in the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in Seattle, Washington, as they struggle to complete their medical training and maintain personal lives. Despite being set in Seattle, the show is primarily filmed in Los Angeles.




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