STAGE TUBE: Dancers Revolt Over New Free People Ad

Members of the dance community have been in an uproar following the release of a new advertisement from ballet equipment brand Free People. Professionally trained dancers have been vocal in critiquing the company's employment of a ballet dancer with little apparent training in the spot, putting her body in danger. You can check out the ad below.

A former dancer told AdWeek that the woman's technique in the video was "super dangerous. Her foot is sickled. Her ankles are not supporting her body and her position well."

She went on to say that, "Like other sports, ballet is super athletic, and to be on your toes in pointe shoes is not something you just do. You need very good training," she said.

Posts on Free People's Facebook page include:

"Free people this ad is such a slap in the face to trained dancers everywhere. I cringed watching her awful technique (obviously untrained or beginner at best) and hopefully she didn't get injured during filming as she has no business in pointe shoes. Shame on you!"

"Hi Free People. Just another dancer here to express her utter dismay at your irresponsible and dangerous dancewear video and photos. It is very clear that you not only failed to cast dancers for a shoot that required them, but that you failed to do your homework when it comes to what's safe and what's not for amateurs. I respectfully ask that you apologize to your models for putting them in danger and to the dance community for offending our art form, and that you reconsider this marketing campaign. "

STAGE TUBE: Dancers Revolt Over New Free People Ad
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