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Renewed! GALAVANT Marches To Second Season

Renewed! GALAVANT Marches To Second SeasonGALAVANT is headed back for more swords and songs!

ABC's fresh musical comedy TV series GALAVANT featuring the music of multi-award-winning composer Alan Menken came to a close earlier this year with a nail-biting cliff-hanger of a finale and the series is now evidently confirmed for renewal with a second season ordered by ABC according to the production team themselves.

Creator Dan Fogelman strongly hinted at the renewal notice coming yesterday, sharing, "Those of you who wanted more #Galavant are about to be very happy..."

Additionally, editor David Bertman's confirmation was re-tweeted by Fogelman, reading, "#GALAVANT LIVES FOR A SECOND SEASON!!! I can finally stop getting dirty looks from people who watched Season 1 cliffhanger. Congrats team!"

Follow Dan Fogelman on Twitter here amd David Bertman here.

GALAVANT acquired 4.35 million viewers for its finale hour, with a 3 share in the 18-49 demographic. In comparison, competing programs on other networks included 3.40 million viewers for FOX's THE SIMPSONS, 2.79 million for FOX's BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, with the winner of the 8-9 PM hour being NBC's MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT with 7.60 million viewers.

Check out the full overnight ratings chart here.

The official description of GALAVANT is as follows: "Screenwriter and executive producer Dan Fogelman ("Crazy, Stupid, Love," "Tangled," "Cars") teams up with Broadway and Hollywood award-winning musical team-composer Alan Menken ("The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast") and lyricist Glenn Slater ("The Little Mermaid," "Tangled")-for a musical comedy fairytale of epic proportions. Once upon a time, there was a dashing hero GALAVANT (Joshua Sasse), a slayer of dragons, protector of the innocent, and defender of the less fortunate. But one day, the evil King Richard (Timothy Omundson) fell for Galavant's ladylove Madalena and kidnapped her. On Madalena and King Richard's wedding day, GALAVANT courageously fought his way back to the palace to rescue his love. And while this is where most fairytales end happily ever after, it's where the tale of GALAVANT truly begins. Madalena stuns GALAVANT when she announces that she chooses fame, fortune, and the crown over GALAVANT and breaks his heart. Five years later we rejoin Galavant, heartbroken and drowning his sorrows in drink. Having given up on heroics, he's a bit out of shape and flat broke. But his faithful squire Sid sees a momentous opportunity when Princess Isabella of Valencia arrives in search of "The Great Galavant." She asks him to save her KINGDOM from its evil invader... none other than King Richard himself. GALAVANT must get back in the saddle, literally and figuratively, to takeRevenge on his nemesis, win back Madalena, and restore his "happily ever after." But our fallen hero doesn't realize that Isabella might not be revealing the whole story... Our hero's quest for redemption will have many twists and turns along the way. And as one of the songs from Menken and Slater proclaims: "Huzzah And Tally-Ho! Sit Back And Here We Go!" "Galavant" was written by Dan Fogelman, who also serves as executive producer. Executive producers are Alan Menken, Glenn Slater and Chris Koch. "Galavant" was directed by Chris Koch. Abbey C Studios Ltd. produces "Galavant" for ABC Studios."

Of note, GALAVANT stars Joshua Sasse as Galavant, Timothy Omundson as King Richard, Vinnie Jones as Gareth, Mallory Jansen as Madalena, Karen David as Isabella and Luke Youngblood as Sid.

Also, check out my extensive Sound Off review of GALAVANT's final hour, available here.

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