Petition for Robin Williams Statue on the GOOD WILL HUNTING Bench Nears 15,000 Signatures

Fans of Robin Williams have started an online petition to create a bronze statue of the actor to place on the "GOOD WILL HUNTING bench", which is featured in an iconic scene from the 1997 drama starring Williams, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

The project began with a goal of 5,000 signatures and has far surpassed that total with 14,980 as of this evening.

The petition's plea reads:

Robin Williams was able to touch the lives of millions with his quick wit, roll-off-the-tongue improv and comedy, and acting roles that have touched and ingrained into the minds of people all around the world.

Whether it was getting us to dance and believe in wishes as a Genie, take soldiers' minds off the war as a fast-paced DJ in Vietnam, a father who will do anything to spend time with his kids, or a therapist that refuses to give up on an intelligent young man, Robin Williams was there to make us laugh, cry, and make us forget about real life for a few hours at a time.

One of his most iconic roles, one that nominated and won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, was as therapist Dr. Sean Maguire. Although there were many scenes that grabbed the attention of the audience and the Academy, none stick out more now then the famous "Your move, Chief" Park Bench scene.

This petition is to gain support to create a bronze statue of Robin Williams and place it on that bench, so that everyone has the chance to sit with him, stare out into the water, and contemplate life, love, and good memories.

GOOD WILL HUNTING launched the careers of Affleck and co-star Matt Damon, who co-wrote the screenplay for the drama, which is set in their hometown of Boston.

The movie follows young laborer -- and hidden genius -- Will Hunting (Damon), who begins seeing a therapist (Williams) as part of a plea deal after assaulting a police officer. Will begins to study advanced mathematics with an acclaimed professor (Stellan Skarsgard) and through his therapy sessions, starts to understand his relationships with his best friend (Affleck), his girlfriend (Minnie Driver) and himself.

Williams went on to win the 1997 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. Affleck and Damon took home the Oscar for Best Screenplay. The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards in all.

Watch the famous "park bench" scene below!

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